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                                          THE MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF SKOPJE

                                                                 Open Graph=
ic Art Studio

                      Address: Mito Hadzi Vasilev bb. 1000 Skopje, Macedoni=

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Body Thinks

Atanas Botev, Hristina Ivanoska, Slavica Janaslieva,                       =
                Maja Sokolova/Alexander Titz, Alexandar Stankovski,        =
                             Saso Stanojkovik, Ana Stojkovik, Igor Tosevski=
, Zaneta Vangeli

Curator: Suzana MilevskaOpening: 15 October, 20.00 h.=20
Duration: 15 =96 25 October, 2002


Closure: 25 October, 19.00 h. - Round table: Body/Mind/Society

Speakers: PhD Georgi Stojanov, Docent at ETF =96 Skopje, Melentije Pandilov=
ski, Director at CAC-Skopje and Suzana Milevska, Curator at Open Graphic Ar=
t Studio and the artists =96 participants at Body Thinks


The project Body Thinks  has been organized as a part of the fifth annivers=
ary celebration of the establishing of the Open Graphic Art Studio at the M=
useum of the City of Skopje (September 1998). Ten young artists were invite=
d to participate with their works in different media responding to the vari=
ous aspects of the theme that deals with the relation between the physical =
and mental aspects of the body. The art works are going to be executed eith=
er as commissions or some of them already exist but are related to the them=
e. =20


The relation between body, mind and society entails complex intertwining th=
at reflects and influences the contemporary society and therefore the art p=
ractice. In the period when the computer science explores the human brain a=
nd the way in which functions the mental processes the brain becomes more t=
han a metaphor. It serves as a functioning model for the scientific researc=
h of the scientists who try to overcome the obstacles of the binary computa=
tional system and to establish a completely new quantum system of computati=
on. Thus many new sciences emerged from such interdisciplinary researches s=
uch as memetic. =96 the science that deals with memory units. Memes are con=
sidered as bearers of memory that treat the knowledge as transferable herit=
age similarly to what genes are for genetics.

Nevertheless, the process of thinking in the human brain still remains unre=
solved mystery to ordinary people and the way in which the physical body an=
d mental states of the body are intermingled is a provocation for the conte=
mporary artists as well. When taking into account that the society as the w=
ider context for such processes reflects its problems inevitably it is ther=
efore no accident that the works of most of the artists invited to this pro=
ject are concerned with the contextual problems that they face in their cul=
tural and social context such as the brain drain, cultural and political co=
nflicts, the ecological, technological, political or economical issues.


Through the media of interactive silk-screen print, computer drawing, ink =
=96 jet print, objects,  photography, video, video installation, slides, pe=
rformance, Liquid Crystal Display etc. the artists will try to give voice a=
nd visibility to existing cultural and social hot issues. A brochure and po=
stcards of each artwork will be presented at the closure of the exhibition.


Individual projects:


Atanas Botev: Kinds of Sights, 2002, silkscreen =96 3 interactive prints, 4=
5 x 67 cm

Hristina Ivanoska: Homelessness as Home, 2002, ink jet prints, various dime=

Slavica Janaslieva: Concussion, photographs and head-phones

Maja Sokolova: I from Yesterday, VHS, video installation - rear projection

Aco Stankovski:  Libido, VHS, video projection, 30 sec. loop of 2 hours=20

Saso Stanojkovik: Brain drain memorial, 2002, LCD, notebook, text

Ana Stojkovik: At certain moments theory must transform to practice no matt=
er whether the consequences could be catastrophic or we could not even pred=
ict them , 2 computer drawings, 50x70 cm=20

Igor Tosevski: I commit to=85, 2002, on-going performance (daily 9.00-15.00=

Zaneta Vangeli: Documents for Progressive Irationalization, 2002, glass and=
 wood box, 4 slides, 6 x 6 cm

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