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Subject: Trans-global Art-ground
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Trans-global Art-ground

Curatorial seminar, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade 06-13 December 2003

Trans-global Art-ground is the title of the curatorial seminar with 
the goal to generate a joint project with partner institutions, 
represented by the participants in the seminar. The seminar will 
focus on defining modes of movement through a global art system. The 
aim of the seminar is to induce trans-global perspectives on 
contemporary cultural models and creative art practices.

Topic: Starting from the standpoint that we can no longer perceive 
the art world as springing from one center which is producing the 
dominant paradigm of art as if being the universal one, and that all 
cultures in their specificities are already included and interwoven 
in the global system, we come to the conclusion that the issue of 
minor, or neglected cultures and their representation is no longer at 
stake. What now appears as an actual problem is how to overcome the 
isolated particularity of a certain local culture, and its full 
self-referentiality, making its products communicable on levels 
beyond the pure fascination with other and different. In other words, 
the loss of a firm universal ground does not eliminate its need: it 
just transforms the ground into an empty space which can be partially 
filled in a variety of ways. The participants will be therefore 
invited to trace specific trajectories through otherwise purely 
differential global art world, connecting different instances of the 
phenomena with a potential of producing universalizing effects.

The structure of the seminar will comprise of:


December the  7th at 16 h Saskia Sassen, USA

December the   8th at 16 h Hiroshi Yoshioka, Japan

December the 11th at 16 h Marina Grzinic, Slovenia


  by the participants, introducing emerging art practices into the 
general discussion


to provide with the platform for the development of a joint project 
exploring the terrain of the relations of representation as the 
condition of the constitution of any social process, including the 
process of globalization.

Participants: Marko Brumen, Slovenia, Aleksandra Mircic, Serbia and 
Montenegro, Francesco Bernardelli, Italy, Hyoungmi Kim, South Korea, 
Kristian Lukic, Serbia and Montenegro, Mai Abu ElDahab, Egypt, Maria 
Bilske, Australia, Taru Elfving, Finland.

Concept: Zoran Eric i Stevan Vukovic


BAZA ö Belgrade Art Initiative <http://www.baza.org.yu/>www.baza.org.yu 

Center for New Media - kuda.org Novi Sad <http://kuda.org/>http://kuda.org 

Museum of  Contemporary Art Belgrade <http://www.msub.org.yu/>www.msub.org.yu 

Contact: Zoran Eric and Stevan Vukovic 
<mailto:office at baza.org.yu>office at baza.org.yu


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