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The 2nd International festival for experimental film in India

EXPERIMENTA The 2nd International festival for experimental film in
India, is seeking short experimental films made in any year in India,
for exhibition at EXPERIMENTA March 2004 to be held in Bombay & New

Home movies, found footage, experimental/fine art films, documentary,
non-fiction, diary, and animation genres are welcome. Innovative,
cutting edge & non-traditional work is encouraged.
EXPERIMENTA is a collaborative effort of Filter India, British
Council India UK, Light Reading UK and the LUX UK.



  Entry Guidelines:
1) Final exhibition formats are 16mm & 35mm only; hence digital/video
works are NOT admissible.

2) For preview purposes, film submissions may be made on Mini-DV, VHS
(NTSC/PAL) or DVD only. Please do NOT send film prints. The master
film print will be requested for exhibition only after final

3) Label preview copy with your name, address, phone number, email
address, title of work, date of completion, projection speed, whether
sound or silent, cueing instructions, and duration.

4) All submissions in languages other than English must be subtitled
in English - only if language is central to the film's content.

5) Final deadline for receipt of all submissions is 31 January 2004.
No Extensions will be considered.

6) Films completed in any year up to the above deadline are admissible.

7) The festival reserves the right to excerpt programmed works for
television and other promotional purposes.

8) All preview tapes will be added to the festival’s archives unless
accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope and a request for

9) To submit more than one tape, please make a copy of the entry form
for each submission.

10) Please send a legibly completed entry form and the following
enclosures to the festival:

                 - Preview Copy
                 - Completed Entry Form
                 - Note on Filmmaker

11) Final selections will be made in February 2004.

Send films to:
FILTER, #13, 5th floor, ‘Esperanca’, S.B.S. Marg, Colaba, Bombay 400005
Email: filter at filterindia.com/filter_india at yahoo.co.in

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