[spectre] Leonardo Announces SpaceartS: The Space and the Arts Database

Melinda Klayman mklayman at leonardo.info
Fri Dec 5 13:48:33 CET 2003

Leonardo Announces SpaceartS: The Space and the Arts Database

Leonardo/OLATS and the Ours Foundation have joined forces to create a
database about space art documenting the works of artists who, since the
mid-19th Century, have taken outer space as a theme, subject, or object for
their creations. When completed, this database will host over a thousand
entries. Artists are invited to submit their work for inclusion in the
database. Entry forms to submit your artworks are available online at

The SpaceartS database project is funded by the European Space Agency and is
co-sponsored by the International Academy of Astronuatics; Advisors to the
project include: 
* IAAA (International Association ofAstronomical Artists) - www.iaaa.org
* MIR, aninternational consortium of institutions with space art activites.
MIRincludes: Leonardo/OLATS, Arts Catalyst, V2, Projekt Atol (Slovenia),
andthe Multimedia Complex of Actual Art (Russia).
* Maisond'Ailleurs/Museum of Science Fiction, Yverdon - www.ailleurs.ch

For 35 years Leonardo has documented the work of artists involved in space
exploration; It has co-sponsored 6 Space and the Arts workshops and promoted
the interaction of artists, scientists, and engineers involved in space. The
SpaceartS database can be found at http://www.spacearts.info . Further
information can be found at: Leonardo/OLATS : Space Arts Workshops
documentation at http://www.olats.org/setF3.html or Leonardo/ISAST: Space
Arts Working Group at


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