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Now Available from Microcinema International:

Sophie Moving Photographs by Milivoj Ilic:

Evolving from still photography the seven perpetually moving photographs
release the model Sophie from the freeze of a still. Sophie can look back at
the viewer creating a powerful dynamic between subject and viewer.
Even when the viewer is not looking at Sophie her powerful presence remains
and the viewer is compelled to return her gaze.
Original format: 35mm. Black and White.
Artist: Milivoj Ilic
D.O.P: Lester De Havilland
Model : Sophie Weston
Ambient/No Sound
US$24.00 plus shipping
Faces Against Glass by Milivoj Ilic:

'Faces Against Glass' consists of 7 colour, living portraits showing
individuals trapped behind our television or computer screens. Milivoj Ilic
continues to explore issues of seperation and interaction between subject
and viewer.
Created: Digibeta
Artist: Milivoj Ilic
D.O.P: Lester De Havilland
Models: Richard Beesening, Chris and Kimble Garcia, Lucy Tanner
Original Format:Digital Beta/Color
Ambient/No Sound
US$24.00 plus shipping
Branches by O:

Branches is a moving image television pop art piece that reflects an
interest in using natural materials in a textural way. Although we are
actually looking at branches the work suggests tie died cloth or a slide
viewed from a microscope.

Branches raises questions around the moving image in the arena of design.
There are after all seven versions, each tinted with a different colour
giving the viewer the freedom to select colour in relation to personal space
as well as mood.
Shot on 16mm film/Color
Artist : O
D.O.P : Lester De Havilland
Ambient/No Sound
Funky Oil by O:
Drawing open the lava lamp and 60s psychedelia oil projection, Funky Oil was
created to instill moods of relaxation and calm in whatever space it is

The endless slow silent metaphoric movement of oils dissipates stress and
asks the viewer to feel rather than think. Like a painting or a still image
Funky Oil does not demand constant attention. We are free to watch or not
watch, helping us to think of our television sets and computer screens as
places of personal expression and exhibition.
Created: Computer generated in 3D using meta clay plug in. Color.
Artist : O
3D Designer: Hitesh Patel
Ambient/NO Sound
US$19.00 plus shipping

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