[spectre] Homework

Nobody srmi at noos.fr
Thu Dec 11 15:03:50 CET 2003


Here's an article you MUST read. Yes, that's right: MUST.

> http://casseurs2hype.free.fr/press/JDD2.JPG

Hundreds of words from a popular Parisian rag - le Journal du Dimanche -
about the SyndicatduHype...

& if it don't make you laugh, if it don't even make you pity us, well,
uh, GO BACK TO SCHOOL  (cf. Royal Trux song of same name, 
cf. film w/ Rodney Dangerfield) &

LEARN FRENCH (cf. your wasted youth, cf. grandad's whoring days).

& once you've done THAT, please write & tell me what the French 
translation for PUNK might be.

Thanking you, &tc.

Yours, &tc.,

nobody at alibi-art.com

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