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/\  "Radio"
14/12 2003 17.00 - 19.00 h
Mikroradioparty "Displaced Dilemma"
Plug-In Party & Mini FM Radiostation
live! Audiostream* 17.30 - 19.00 Uhr from Kreuzberg
with Tetsuo Kogawa and Matze Schmidt, various euro, mi & yagin
Luebbener Str. 14
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Plug-In Party http://www.undergroundserver.de (from! 12.12.2003)
RAD(Y)O Audiograffity http://www.n0name.de/radyo-riffraff.html
Audiostream pnm:// (RealPlayer)
terrestrial frequency in Berlin, FRG 104.1 MHz
radioriff http://radioriff.de

Open channels for contributions on 14/12 2003 17.30 - 19.00 h:
Brecht's Mobile ("Radio"mobil) +49(0)170/5370633 (D1; Mobiletelephone,
SMS & Fax)
E-Mailradio radio at n0name.de

The public space is a Phantasma! "Radio"s are semi-official! I.e., they
are neither private, nor publically. Just correct for a multiplex made
of Plug-In Parties and the treck of the "displaced dilemmas" everybody
can join in with or without ambitions, + or - equipment: as a listener,
by plug, drink something, organized, fill the recorderchip with
Audiograffity, make calls with Brecht's Mobile, or make 0-Pirateradio
with radio headphones, find places, search for displacements.

11.12. to 18.12.2003 daily 12:00-06:00 Uhr on 104.1 MHz
a radioproject from and at the Ausland in Lychener Straße 60,
Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, Germany.
* please! check E-Mailflyers

"Radio" ((( (( ( Broadcasting @ places ) )) )))

"The speaker never got to know at which moment and thanks which adverse
forces his speech got in a net of lies, promises and excuses, since it
changed into a smooth, pure self-deception." (not Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Everything can become radio! Since broadcasting (lat. radio) can be done
by everything that can send, photonic devices as for example pictures,
calfactorial natures like skin, auditive things like loudspeakers. But
not everything is a channel, and the wave-machines are also not lifted
all on a single gamelevel in the wake of the mix up of the social spaces
with _the_ synradiotive society. Certainly, the social has microareas and
subsocieties, it can be divided in the official, the semi-official, the
private, and it can be spoken even by the selfvalorization of the subject
which sells his production and his product at the market of the
frequencies. But radio 'itself' is one or several social spaces, which,
situated in places, not only form subjects, contexts and produces the
consensus, the biggest Ringsendung since the 2nd world war. This multiple
social space comes never about as a whole, this would be a its phantasma.
It is also not feasible at all as a more finished, entire area, because,
how the net theory says, its "structural holes" form always just then
when links and hubs become knots which form a difference to other knots,
i.e. an outside then. The outside exists permanently and disproves the
thesis on the total immanence which we would have to meet at every place
any time in the battle. But radiospace must become socially because the
refusal of a notion of the whole constructs this whole in spite of and
is also exploited as such.

Radio-Performance-Theory must mount/cut the levels of the
appropriation of means of production with the appropriation of space
in places so that it looks at the move to the places of the spaces as
per se politically, namely as a training about the expropriation of
the expropriators. Radioplexes are small complexes in the format of
fantasized multiplexsystems. They can appear everywhere and they appear
already everywhere like an advertising video clip of Bang & Olufsen
points out (21/10/2003). Bubbles of phonic waves pull through the urban
space, but only between 4 walls the sound of the sound system is
"safe". Eexactly there, on the everyday maps, appears the "displaced
dilemma": you are situating your presuppositions and the logic of your
business -- but faked! The pragmatism is displaced and becomes more
effective thereby. It does not depend at all so much on inventing
this sceptic displacements, one must visit them and do alterations,
with and without autonomistic romanticism.

In Berlin (city of the "Red Station", of the "It's cool", of the
DJ-radiosets) such archaeological places would be a telephonebox in
Kreuzberg, the domed building of the millionaire on the bank, the
modernistic department store in the Herrmannplatz, the flat of friends,
the loft in Mitte, the legal club without licence. With a combination
from mobile phones, radio headphones, recorder computerchips and
walky-talkies suddenly incompatibility-interfaces become the translation,
and the space of the an-nouncement (Mit-Teilung) can also 'fall back' in
a Real Chatroom. And its unidentified outside, the street, the other
telephone network, the other frequency must not become broadcasted.

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supported by b_books, ..//modukit+ & Mindaugas Gapsevicius

Thanx to Anders Lehr, Karsten Asshauer, Sascha Buettner,
Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier (pingfm), horrorkatze

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