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Art of the Biotech Era is a project of the Experimental Art 
Foundation, Adelaide, 27 February-3 April 2004, presented in 
association with the Adelaide Bank 2004 Festival of Arts, which 
investigates cross issues of art, culture and biotechnology through:
*	Exhibition featuring works by leading contemporary national 
and international artists resulting from collaborations with 
scientists in the fields of genetic research and biotechnology;
*	an intensive Biotech Art Workshop
*	and a Symposium exploring the influence of techno-scientific 
change on society, the ethical implications of genetic engineering, 
research and industrialisation, and aesthetics in biotech arts.
The Experimental Art Foundation is seeking expressions of interest 
from artists to participate in the Biotech Art Workshop, led by Oron 
Catts and Gary Cass, on behalf of SymbioticA, School of Anatomy and 
Human Biology, University of Western Australia.
This intensive 5 day Workshop will be dealing with the hands-on 
exploration of biological technologies and issues stemming from their 
use. It will serve as a theoretical and practical introduction in the 
creation of biotech art and is aimed at educating 10 artists from 
South Australia and nationally in issues of biotechnology and 
genomics. The Workshop includes sessions in molecular biology, 
microbiology, cell and tissue biology and issues that are dealing 
with the whole organism. It also includes dissections and examples of 
artists working with these different technologies.
The EAF believes that the effects of the Workshop will be felt in the 
long-term, as the artists, having learned the technology, will start 
working on their own biotech projects, which the EAF will assist to 
be produced, as well as promote nationally and internationally.
Day 1	9-10am	Registration and welcome
	10-11am	Lab Safety Lecture
	11:30am- 1pm	DNA Extraction - DIY with off-the-shelf items 
and science lab versions
		DNA fingerprinting/Gel preparation/Smarties Gels
	2- 5pm	Looking at the gels, staining gels. PGLO 
transformation (inserting GFP genes to bacteria, e-coly K12)
Day 2	10-11am	Ethics in biological research and in Bioart: Discussion
	11:30-1pm	Bacteria plating from body and environment. 
Checking PGLO
	2- 5pm	Fungi work. (culture, slide prep etc.)
Day 3	10-11am	Selective breeding/plant manipulations
	11:30am-1pm	Discussion, ideas and possible projects
	2-5pm	Plant Tissue Culture
Day 4	10-11am	Tissue Culture, Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells Talk
	11:30am-1pm	Creating 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering
	2-5pm	Mammalian, fish and amphibians tissue culture and 
tissue engineering practicals
Day 5	Field day	Visiting the zoo, botanical gardens, 
selective breeding farm (plant/animals), GMO research
The cost of participation is free. The Workshop will be held at the 
Experimental Art Foundation and experimental tools and registration 
costs will be covered. Artists from interstate will be required to 
travel and live at their own expense. The Australian Network for Art 
and Technology has a Conference and Workshop Fund available for new 
media artists to which intending Workshop participants may apply 
(please note: applicants must be members of ANAT to be eligible for 
this Fund - see www.anat.org.au for further information)
Please send your expression of interest to participate in the 
Workshop by email to biotech at eaf.asn.au by 20 January 2004 or by post 
to Biotech Art Workshop, EAF, PO Box 8091, Station Arcade South 
Australia 5000 including name, address, contact telephone and email 
(if available) and short curriculum vitae including web address if 
available. Successful participants will be notified by 27 January.
The EAF will be closed 20 December to 19 January 2004 inclusive. 
Interested artists who require more information about the Workshop 
should apply, with their questions, which will be responded to 
immediately on the EAF's return.

EXPERIMENTAL ART FOUNDATION curates its exhibition program to 
represent new work that expands current debates and ideas in 
contemporary visual art. The EAF incorporates a gallery space, 
bookshop and artists studios.

Lion Arts Centre North Terrace at Morphett Street Adelaide
PO Box 8091 Station Arcade South Australia 5000
Tel: +618 8211 7505  Fax +618 8211 7323
email: eaf at eaf.asn.au  bookshop email: eafbooks at eaf.asn.au web: 
Director: Melentie Pandilovski	Administrator: Julie Lawton
Program Manager: Michael Grimm Bookshop Manager: Ken Bolton

Assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Visual Arts Craft 
Board of the Australia Council and the South Australian Government 
through Arts SA. The EAF is proudly smoke-free.

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