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From: "Anna Munster" <A.Munster at unsw.edu.au>

Launch of the Fibreculture Journal 

The Fibreculture Journal (journal.fibreculture.org) is now online. The
Fibreculture Journal is the online journal of the Fibreculture network of
critical Internet research and culture in Australasia. It has grown out of
the 'fibreculture' online mailing list that started in January
2001 (www.fibreculture.org). Dedicated to critical discussion of the
Internet and new media in relation to IT policy, networked culture, new
media education and arts in an Australasian context, the list now has over
750 subscribers.

The Fibreculture Journal is a peer reviewed, scholarly publication that
extends the research and theoretical discussion of the list culture. The
journal encourages transdisciplinary approaches to thinking about new media
and networked knowledge and practices and seeks to foster experimental and
dissident intellectual endeavours.

At this stage the journal will be published in online text form but we will
be seeking to experiment with database systems and content in the near
future. We also plan to experiment with submissions of new media forms such
as weblog writing, Shockwave Movies and Flash projects, all of which will
be subjected to peer reviewing processes.

We are celebrating the launch of the Fibreculture Journal by publishing two

The first issue of the Fibreculture Journal takes the politics of networks
as its theme. There are articles on biometrics, the 'military-entertainment
complex', an anthropologist's view of the politics of the Internet,
creative labour and IP, and the general politics of technology.

The second issue of the Fibreculture Journal takes both new media theory
and education and technology as its themes. There are articles on learning
objects, hypertext and learning, WebCT, new media such as the hologram in
relation to older media such as photography, and email, rhetoric and

We are open to contributions for future issues of the Fibreculture Journal,
and invite people to contact the editors (a.murphie at unsw.edu.au) with
feedback and ideas. We are currently thinking of possible future issues
along the following lines: "new media" and "networked media"; distributed
aesthetics; Multitudes, Creative Organisation and New Media Labour; McLuhan
Now! - Media Theory and Design after the Delirium; and Distributed
Cognition, Distributed Networks: the theory, politics and technologies of
models of thought. We are, however, very open to ideas. Indeed, our main
aim is that the Fibreculture Journal will be extremely responsive to the
concerns of both the Fibreculture community and like-minded networks the
world over.

The journal currently has an executive editor, Andrew Murphie (School of
Media and Communications, University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia)
and 6 members of an editorial committee (Gillian Fuller, Lisa Gye, Esther
Milne, Anna Munster, Ingrid Richardson and Ned Rossiter). There is also an
editorial advisory board, with members from around Australasia and the

Editorial Advisory Board

Belinda Barnet (University of New South Wales)
Linda Carroli (Fine Art Forum)
Chris Chesher (University of New South Wales)
Melinda Cooper (Macquarie University, Sydney)
Kate Crawford (University of Sydney)
Sean Cubitt (University of Waikato, Hamilton)
Pia Ednie-Brown (RMIT, Melbourne)
Mary Flanagan (Hunter College, New York)
Terry Flew (Queensland University of Technology)
Phil Graham (University of Queensland)
Melissa Gregg (University of Sydney)
Maren Hartmann (Free University, Brussels)
Robert Hassan (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne)
Larissa Hjorth (Artist/Academic Melbourne)
Teri Hoskin (Artist/Academic Adelaide)
Troels Degn Johansson (IT University, Copenhagen)
Andrew Kenyon (University of Melbourne)
Geert Lovink (Brisbane/Amsterdam)
Lev Manovich (University of California, San Diego)
Graham Meikle (Macquarie University, Sydney)
Adrian Miles (RMIT, Melbourne)
Brett Neilson (University of Western Sydney)
John Potts (Macquarie University, Sydney)
Melinda Rackham (Artist/ACMI)
Philip Roe (Central Queensland University)
John Scannell (University of New South Wales)
David Teh (University of Sydney)
Darren Tofts (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne)
Gregory L. Ulmer (University of Florida)
Catherine Waldby (Brunel University/UNSW)
Jill Walker (University of Bergen)
Shujen Wang (Emerson College, Boston)


all bodies are in a perpetual flux like rivers, and parts are entering into
them and passing out of them continuously.

Anna Munster
Lecturer in Digital Media Theory/
Postgraduate Coordinator
School of Art History and Theory
College of Fine Arts
University of New South Wales
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