[spectre] A parenthesis on Jim Morisson (the last hours)

Aliette Guibert guibertc at criticalsecret.com
Wed Feb 4 17:59:30 CET 2004

Dear friends,

        Any of us should keep any interest on Jim Morisson affair, could
be?... he goes through an old story on critical cultural front between USA
and France from the beginning to the end of Modernity, and going with The
end through Coppola's Apocalypse now...

Parenthesis : a part of past History still alive in a representative
strategy? I'm not sure (I'm sure not;-)

I remember of Kerouac and Baudelaire portraits on City Lights Books pinion
wall just before the renewal frontage of the shop... and so on. Of course,
if Morisson was born in 1943, just see that I was born in the same year, and
the same date concerns many persons in the world...  (impossible to hide the
reference of the generation :)
There was this political tradition on communication about radical and
revolutionary visions of the modernity till their conclusion after the

See again to return : Isabelle Eberhardt acts came back in France via Paul
Bowles from a book published by Lawrence Ferlinghetti @ City Lights ‹ 50
years anniversary of City Lights just in december 2003...

Yesterday February 3 there was a broadcast on the Public radio
France-culture, "The end ‹Jim Morisson last hours", a mix documentary and
fiction, a creation but containing real interviews like Agnès Varda, Guy
Peellaert, the fireman who help his friends to get him just died out of the
bathroom and so on), where the composition organize a good listening of the
sense to the quote fragments of poems and songs and extracts a question from
the facts.

And there stays a question on the death... the same as Hendrix, and why not
as Joplin ? or a strange psychological epidemic from themselves have called
them to die following together opportunely, soldierly in a feeling of the
disappearing revolution or just utopia ‹ even overdose ?

Dylan and Baez would be the last survivors from the early call of
consciousness renewal of the star singers.

One says that the files of FBI archives are just opened now. Could be any
surprises to listen on all the radical generation and following action of
the FBI (we remember on Huey Newton, or another part on Angela Davis)... CIA
against BBP, heroin coming in a general opportunity or another facts...

        All the broadcast is in French except Morisson's voice and texts but
could be interesting to hear the repeat broadcast in the site while it stays
online for a few time...

and click on the icon:
l'émission" (then wait the end of the last one to here the beginning of the
good one, announcing the serial "Le vif du sujet").


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