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Andreas Broeckmann abroeck at transmediale.de
Fri Feb 6 12:08:23 CET 2004

Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 12:52:28 -0500
From: Heidrun <heidrun at thing.net>

Dear friends and colleagues,
I have contributed (as artist & interviewer) to the archive on 
feminist artists.
If you can, please stop by in Geneva to see it. best, heidrun


FORDE, Geneva
Feb 7-28 2004 / Opening Feb 6th / 6-9pm

In remembrance of the Café of the Mouvement de Libération de la 
Femme, Kirsten Dufour, Melissa Castagnetto and Emma Hedditch are 
rebuilding the café in the exhibition which will be an open space for 
people to come, meet and watch videos from the feminist archive.

"Let them speak now" is an archive on feminist artists and activists 
who have been interviewed in LA, London, New York and Chicago. The 
archive maps feminist art production, examines different feminist 
strategies through the years, and looks at which of these are 
translated into current discourses and art projects. Together with 
the archive artworks by the interviewed artists will be presented.

The interviews were conducted in collaboration with Andrea Creutz 
(L.A.), Heidrun Holzfeind (New York), Ava Bromberg and Salem 
Collo-Julin (Chicago).

FORDE / Espace d'art contemporain / Usine / 4 pl des Volontaires / 
CH-1204 Geneva / Switzerland / www.forde.ch

upcoming exhibition:

ALIEN3 in collaboration with W139
hosted by SKOR foundation, Amsterdam
Feb 13-March 14, 2004

www.w139.nl / http://alien.thing.net

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