[spectre] Art of the Biotech Era

Peter Luining email at ctrlaltdel.org
Tue Feb 10 11:30:03 CET 2004

Tuesday, February 10, 2004, 8:30:00 AM, melentie wrote:

>>Art of the Biotech Era
>>Art of the Biotech Era
>>Art of the Biotech Era is a project investigating cross issues of 
>>art, culture and biotechnology.
>>Leading national and international artists and theorists exhibit 
>>works exploring biotechnology and genomics and discuss the influence 
>>of this techno-scientific change of society, the ethical 
>>implications of genetic engineering and the concept of aesthetics in 
>>biotech arts.

Probably of some interest. In Holland xtra- faculty the Hague/ Leiden
(=crossover between university and artschool) came last year with te
idea to start a new course at the Art Academy the Hague called
"genetic manipulation for artists". This whole idea caused a lot of
discussion even in the mainstream media.

there's lot of links to this discussion but all pages are in Dutch
Here's the link to the xtra faculty the Hague (also dutch, english
version doesn't seem to be available) that entually could be used for


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