[spectre] Discordia Welcomes Guest Host Gerald Raunig

Discordia_Collective emonk at george.eliot.priv.at
Wed Feb 11 08:45:44 CET 2004

Discordia Welcomes Guest Host Gerald Raunig

Gerald Raunig, art theoretician, philosopher and coordinator of 
republicart, will discuss the function of critical art 
institutions, as they have been known in Europe at least for decades, 
on the basis of issues to be raised at a conference on public art 
policies in Vienna (26 - 28 February 2004).

Please join the discussion on Discordia:

Other topics currently up for discussion are impressions from 
Transmediale and reflections on time and attention. If there is 
another issue or question you would like to bring up, new posts 
and comments in a variety of language are always welcome!

For all kinds of experimental communication, Discordia's Secret Room 
is at your disposal as a playground where the conventional rules of 
online communication do not apply - all you have to do is find it.

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