[spectre] p0es1s. Digitale Poesie exhibition opening (Berlin)

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Thu Feb 12 17:01:14 CET 2004


p0es1s. Digitale Poesie

The digital poetry exhibition p0es1s. Digitale Poesie will run from 
13 February to 4 April 2004, organized by the literaturWERKstatt 
Berlin in cooperation with the Brückner-Kühner Foundation (Kassel) in 
the special exhibition hall at the Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz, 
Berlin. More than 40 artists from 12 countries are presenting various 
approaches to literary art using computers and the Internet.

The publication "p0es1s. The Aesthetics of Digital Poetry" will be 
published by Hatje Cantz to coincide with the exhibition, which will 
also feature an exhibition guide.

p0es1s. Digitale Poesie is an exhibition by the literaturWERKstatt 
berlin in cooperation with the Brückner-Kühner Foundation and with 
support from the Kunstbibliothek der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin 
(Art Library of the Berlin State Museums).

Funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation, Germany


p0es1s. Digitale Poesie

This digital poetry exhibition presents and reflects on the use of 
languages in computers and digital networks: hybrid texts at the 
interfaces of script, image and sound, together with their 
programming and coding. Digital poetry is a creative, experimental, 
playful and critical language art that uses interaction, multimedia, 
animation, programming and network communication. It is also a type 
of poetry whose very existence requires the participation of those 
attending the exhibition.

The curator for the exhibition is Friedrich W. Block, in cooperation 
with Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer. The chezweitz scenography team developed 
a distinct visual and spatial identity for p0es1s. Digitale Poesie.

Many of the artists will attend the opening on Thursday, 12 February, 
at 7:00 pm in the special exhibition hall at the Kulturforum 
Potsdamer Platz, Berlin.

> Jean Pierre Balpe > Giselle Beiguelman > Simon Biggs > Philippe 
Bootz > Christophe Bruno / Jimpunk > John Cayley / Giles Perring > 
Johannes Auer, Reinhard Döhl, Sylvia Egger, Oliver Gassner, Martina 
Kieninger, Beat Suter> Dragan Espenschied / Alvar Freude > Frank 
Fietzek > Ulrike Gabriel / Oskar Pastior > Loss Pequeño Glazier > 
Young- Hae Chang Heavy Industries > Jaromil > Jodi > Aya Karpinska > 
Mez > Andreas Müller-Pohle > Jörg Piringer > Daniela Alina Plewe > 
Jim Rosenberg > Stefan Schemat / Heiko Idensen > Bill Seaman > Romy 
Achituv / Camille Utterback > André Vallias > Marek Walczak / Martin 
Wattenberg > Uli Winters / Frank Fietzek > Zeitgenossen 

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