[spectre] Call for Submissions: ACM Multimedia 2004 Interactive Art Program

oliver grau oliver.grau at culture.hu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 23 10:10:37 CET 2004

ACM Multimedia 2004 Interactive Art Program Co-chairs
Alejandro Jaimes, Fuji Xerox, Multimedia Analysis and Interaction, Nakai 
Research Center
Pamela Jennings, School of Art and the HCI Institute, Carnegie Mellon 

ACM Multimedia 2004 Interactive Art Program
Columbia University, New York City  October 10 - 15, 2004 

ACM Multimedia 2004 is the premier annual multimedia conference, covering 
all aspects of multimedia computing, from underlying technologies to 
applications, theory to practice, and servers to networks to devices. We 
especially encourage introduction of novel media such as haptic, smell, 
sensors, animation, etc.. With this year's new ACM MM Interactive Art 
Program we wish to bring together the arts and multimedia communities to 
create the stage to explore, discuss, and push the limits for the 
advancement of both multimedia technology through the arts, and the arts 
through multimedia technology.

The Interactive Art Program will consist of two technical paper tracks and 
an exhibition. We invite researchers in technical areas and artists working 
with digital media to submit their original contributions to the following 

1.  Technical Papers Tracks: Submission Deadline April 5, 2004
Tools for creating multimedia art: performance, immersive, narrative, 
multi-modal, networked art, etc. The emphasis is on novel technical tools 
developed specifically for the creation of multimedia art in any form. We 
particularly encourage submission of tools in new and emerging areas.

Tools developed by artists in the creation of multimedia art works:  will 
describe the process and technical details of the creation of artistic 
works that have required either the development of new multimedia tools, or 
novel uses of currently available multimedia tools. Artists that develop 
their own tools are strongly encouraged to submit their work to this track.

2.  Multimedia Art Exhibition: Submission Deadline May 3, 2004
DIGITAL BOUNDARIES: Multiculturalism, Identity, and Awareness
Curatorial Committee
Mark Tribe, Director of Art & Technology, Columbia University School of the 
Christina Yang, Curator of Visual Art and New Media, The Kitchen
Pamela Jennings, Alejandro Jaimes

"Digital Boundaries: Multiculturalism, Identity, and Awareness". We seek 
art works that, using multimedia, explore issues of cultural identity, 
cultural awareness, and the boundaries created or enforced through the use 
of multimedia technology. The emphasis for the exhibition is on interactive 
art works that realize powerful artistic concepts using multimedia content 
and technologies.

At no time in history has technology had the prospect of making a stronger 
cross-border impact on culture. Technology can be used to create or 
reinforce boundaries (being fingerprinted and photographed at an airport-- 
a multimedia experience), as well as to dissolve them (we are bombarded by 
images and sounds from all over the world). Many of us are being empowered 
with the ability to easily create digital content, document and share our 
own experiences and those of others, challenging the roles of art (passive 
vs. interactive) and revolutionizing the way we see and hear the world. At 
the same time, only a small percentage of people have access to technology 
(boundaries of the haves and the have-nots).
Multimedia content and technology are of special consideration because they 
appeal directly to our senses, elevating the age-old dilemma of the 
distinction between reality and representations of reality. Does this new 
proliferation and imbalance of multimedia technology help reinforce 
boundaries and cultural differences? Does it contribute to define cultural 
identity in a new age in which everyone talks about multiculturalism? Does 
it raise cultural awareness or simply numb our senses making us take deep 
cultural differences for granted because what we "see" or "hear" is 
commonplace in this "new" multicultural world? Does it create new 
boundaries in art or help unify multiple art forms? How can art, in its 
many roles, make use of the same technology that raises these issues to 
address them?
For this exhibition, we seek multimedia artworks that challenge the 
participants to consider these questions through the innovative use of new 
multimedia technologies and the combination of multiple media (photography, 
video, sound, etc.). All formats are welcome (narrative, performance, 
interaction, immersion, etc.).

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