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still some slots open for:

Troika Ranch Live-I Workshops 2004
       Brooklyn, New York / USA

   June 7 - 11 / June 14-18, 2004



First Week - Software / Sensors / Technology - June 7-11 2004, 10am - 4pm
Second Week - Aesthetics and Creative Expression - June 14-18 2003, 10am - 4pm

Application Deadline: March 15th, 2004
Notification of Acceptance: March 22nd, 2004
Payment Due: April 5th, 2004

New York City based dance theater company Troika 
Ranch will present its Live-Interactive (Live-I) 
Workshop, an intensive seminar for artists and 
advanced students who want to explore the use of 
interactive computer technology in the creation 
and performance of dance, theater, installation, 
and related live artworks. The workshop will take 
place from June 7-18, 2004 at Williamsburg Arts 
Nexus (WAX) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, one subway 
stop from Manhattan. Application deadline for the 
workshop is March 15t
h, 2004.

Led by composer/media artist Mark Coniglio and 
choreographer Dawn Stoppiello, Artistic 
Co-Directors of Troika Ranch 
(http://www.troikaranch.org), the Live-I Workshop 
allows students to explore strategies and 
techniques for combining interactive digital 
media and live performance. Participants will 
learn to use software and hardware that links 
their gestures and vocalizations to interactively 
controlled video, sound, light and other digital 
media, leading to the creation of a short study 
over the course of
  the workshop. This hands on aspect will be 
complimented by an introduction to the aesthetic 
and compositional concerns that arise when using 
interactive digital tools, including critical 
discussions about how the technology itself 
shapes the form and content of an artwork.

Students will learn Isadora® 
(http://www.troikatronix.com/isadora.html) as the 
primary software tool for authoring, though they 
are welcome to bring other software (MAX, NATO, 
etc.) if they are comfortable in those 
environments and can bring their own copy. 
(Please let us know if you plan to do this.) In 
all cases, participants will learn what is 
necessary to create their studies during the 
workshop: basic programming skills, video and 
audio capture, and how to manipulate the media 
with software.

We will be selecting ten participants for each 
workshop. The application deadline is March 15th. 
You will be notified of your acceptance no later 
than one week after the deadline.

To apply, please send or email Troika Ranch (see 
contact information below) one paragraph 
explaining why you are interested in attending 
the workshop and one paragraph describing the 
kind of work that you make. You should also 
briefly tell us about your level of expertise 
with computers. Please include your name, 
address, telephone number and email address.

Participants may choose to attend only the first 
week. Those who have attended a past Live-I 
Workshop may attend only the second. If you plan 
to attend the first or second week only, the cost 
is US$400. If you plan to attend both, the cost 
is US$800.

NOTE: It is recommended that you bring your own 
laptop computer (Mac or PC) if possible. We have 
a limited number of computers for use by the 
workshop participants. If you cannot bring your 
own computer, you may be required to share a 
computer with one other participant. In addition, 
if you can bring a digital video camera, you will 
find it useful. If you are able to bring your own 
computer, please let us know the type, speed, and 
whether or not it has a FireWire (aka iLink) port.

For further details, please visit:


Or, if you have questions, please email us at:

   mailto:workshop at troikaranch.org

About Mark Coniglio, Dawn Stoppiello and Troika Ranch

Dubbed "interactive performance pioneers" by the 
New York Times and "multimedia mavericks" by the 
Village Voice, composer Mark Coniglio and 
choreographer Dawn Stoppiello founded Troika 
Ranch in 1994 to create works that fuse 
traditional elements of dance, music and theater 
with interactive computer technology and 
media.Their recent evening length work "Future of 
Memory" was awarded the Time Out New York Dance 
Audience Award at the 2003 Downtown Dance and 
Performance ("Bessie") Awards in New York City.

Troika Ranch has performed throughout the United 
States and Europe, at venues including  Monaco 
Dance Forum, Monte Carlo, Monaco, The Duke on 
42nd Street, The Kitchen and Joyce Soho, all in 
New York City; the Walker Art Center, 
Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Art and Culture 
Center of Hollywood Florida, among others.

They have taught the Live-I Workshop at numerous 
institutions in the United States and abroad. 
European hosts have included Contredanse 
(Brussels, Belgium), FACT (Liverpool, England), 
and Dartington College (Devon, England). In North 
America, the workshop has been taught at Brown 
University, Oberlin College, University of 
Maryland, the Santa Fe Art Institute, and 
InterAccess in Toronto.

Coniglio and Stoppiello both received their 
degrees from California Institute of the Arts, 
where Coniglio was a student of electronic music 
pioneer Morton Subotnick. After graduating, 
Stoppiello danced professionally for the Bella 
Lewitzky Dance Company. Coniglio has taught 
Interactive Music Composition at CalArts and New 
York University and Stoppiello has taught on the 
dance faculties of Loyola Marymount University, 
Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts, and 
Universtiy of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Application & Contact Information

Mark Coniglio and Dawn Stoppiello
Troika Ranch
321 Graham Ave. #4R
Brooklyn, NY 11211
voice: +1.718.218.6775
fax: +1.718.218.8135
email: mailto:workshop at troikaranch.org
web: http://www.troikaranch.org
chris ziegler
tel. +49(0)172 89 56 328

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