[spectre] Collage [multidisciplinary art festival] + Opening the City [exhibition and opening of 66 East Centre for Urban Culture] . Amsterdam

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Wed Feb 25 01:30:07 CET 2004

dear all

Announcement of two presentations of my work in Amsterdam, both one-day
occasions only:

Saturday 6th March . from 20.30 h
Crypted TV Porno [digital] . 3-channal video installation @
Collage - multidisciplinary art festival . NDSM
Entree 7,50 e


Saturday 13th March from 17h
End of the Message (archives live!) . sound work [at exhibition opening
Opening the City . [the first exhibition of brand new] 66 East Centre for
Urban Culture . Sumatrastraat 66h  . Entree gratis


1 - C o l l a g e

NDSM presents

C o l l a g e
multidisciplinary art festival

Saturday 6th March 2004 . from 20.30 h


location: NDSM de Oostvleugel, t.t.Neveritaweg 15 - Amsterdam
Entree 7,50 e

music . film . performance . dance . art
25 artists . performers . dj's:

Anti-Delusion Mechanism
Bart Stuart met Bambiques
Bodyweather (Katarina Bakasaki)
Cecilia Vallejos en het V.I.P. team met V.I.P.
Christoph Schläger
Chérif Zaouali (Danstheather Aya) met een fragment uit @ngst
Daniel Schorno
Darko Fritz
De Vijf Hamers
Eline Dekker
Erik Hobijn
Extended Collage Film/Video programm
Frank van de Ven
Fred Abels met Dirk
Laura van Dolron
Michiel Voet en Jeroen Bisscheroux
Monica Hasoova
Odd Enjinears met Kouwe Kermis
Patricia de Ruijter
Spiky Elke met War is worse
Stichting Colors met een fragment uit House Of Fear
Stichting Stro & Co
The three Basterds (Steve Green, Alec Smart, Mark Poysden)

more info [incl. route map]: http://www.ndsm.nl . tel 020.3305480
bus 35 from CS, bus 38 richting Molenwijk vanaf het pontje in Noord

Thanks to: stichting Kinetisch Noord, Montevideo, Bellissima TV,
Stubnitz.nl, Test Portal 2003, Stadsdeel Amsterdam Noord

1 - Opening the City


Opening the City 


The exhibition is interested in the implicit, the hidden & the experiential
aspects of the city.

Highlighting these issue stands in sharp contrast to the banal and reductive
tendency in society which stresses the explicit and structural aspects of
the urban environment, evident in urban planning, conservation organizations
and the urban discourse in general.

A critical tendency has become a substantial force since the 1960's,
developing its own methods and practices, ranging from cognitive mapping to
détournement, notations to psychogeography. It looks back to Duchamps'
object trouvé as a source of inspiration, and emphasises temporal phenomena
and everyday life. The Independent Group's found and as found method as well
as Stanley Brouwn's This Way Brown project and the Variable Pieces of
Douglas Huebler all relate to this issue.

Exhibition presenting projects by artists, designers and
architects that study these aspects of the urban environment.

66 East: Centre for Urban Culture

Opening reception: Saturday 13.03.04 5pm
Opening times: Fridays 2pm - 8pm  Saturdays 12pm - 6pm

Sumatrastraat 66h 
1094 NH Amsterdam NL
contact: mail at 66east.org


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