[spectre] The filmaker Anatole Sternberg to Cesare Battist on arteradio.com

Aliette Guibert guibertc at criticalsecret.com
Sat Feb 28 17:04:09 CET 2004

(Sorry on frenglish then French)...

Move and free Arteradio.com is the French radio online from Dutch-French TV
channel "Arte" versus Artefrance ; in fact, the MF access to the radiophone
waves was refused to Artefrance by French CSA (Superior council of
audiovisual communication - the public centre on decision linked with the
State government). So, would be professional journalists and mediamakers
they would have to invent another media online, changing and inventing a new
and interactive conception.

It is creative equally same as actual as anachronistic in a cultural or
artistic way, depending the subject, of the sound and the report online,
into the best translation of this tradition from real position in medias
(Albert Londres price Pulitzer price, and creative workshops at Radio-France
and France-Culture under Alain Weinstein and Laure Adler foundation of the
fabulous "Nuits magnétiques")in eighties and nineties... Critical French
touch today is looking still available more in progress ;-))

Possible arteradio staff will have to translate the synopsis of their
sounding articles and give them in text online next; immediately you can
hear in French only. Perhaps they will get any articles on another countries
in another languages soon ? Try to ask them.

To day I hope talk you on a hot New of the European control and solidarity
of States governments : I mean on Cesare Battisti.

See @ the homepage and click the title "Ecoutez tout de suite"  (listen
immediately) and then click the article:

"On m'a enlevé mon voisin" (they have get my neighbour out of my house) on
Battisti incarceration in France last weeks from his neighbour and friend in
Paris, Anatole Sternberg the filmmaker.


Abstract online (quote) :

"Ancien activiste d'extrême-gauche dans les années 70 en Italie, l'écrivain
Cesare Battisti est réfugié en France. Il est aujourd'hui en prison, en vue
d'une extradition vers l'Italie, malgré un précédent jugement qui le
laissait en paix depuis 13 ans. Il a été arrêté chez lui, dans l'immeuble
dont il est le gardien. Et ça fait comme un vide. Témoignage de son voisin
et ami, le metteur en scène autrichien Anatole Sternberg."

(note on Battisti past activism in Italy during seventies then being allowed
to keep free in France since 13 years and living in a building he was the
guardian on; at last the police came to get him in jail. Here is his
Parisian neighbour remembering on last weeks and talking on, wishing and
calling for the best liberation to his friend).



@ Maison Européenne de la Photographie Paris, last week: Editorial director
Sylvain Gire, Arte radio founder assisted by his technical support Director
Christain Rault and Producer manageress Jeanne Robet, was coming at last for
a good speech during the Event on critical metajournalism online, curated by

Thanks MEP of the quote announcement
(apologies to arteradio staff as before they could know to come the article
was still online):

English "Visits and Events"
home: http://www.mep-fr.org/us/

French "Les rencontres"
accueil : http://www.mep-fr.org

(of which still you could have heard about - sorry on crossmailing).


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