[spectre] New work online - ii

Reiner Strasser reiner.s at netartefact.de
Tue Jan 6 21:23:50 CET 2004

Dear all -

wish you a creative new year.



New work online:

Title: ii - in the white darkness
Artists: Reiner Strasser in collaboration with M.D. Coverly

Tech: Flash PlugIn, sound, fast CPU, 24bit Colour, min. 800*600 pixel

URL: http://nonfinito.de/ii/

"In the white darkness³ is an interactive piece about memory. The work was
created by Reiner Strasser in collaboration with M.D. Coverley (Marjorie
Coverley Luesebrink) over a period of 9 months in 2003/04.
It assimilates and reflects the experience with patients fallen ill with
Alzheimer's or Parkinson's diseases, showing the fragility and fluidity of
memory from a subjective point of view.
“It was not the erasure that mattered so much as the act of trying to
recover what we no longer can identify.³ (M.D. Coverley)
>From the pulsing dots of the background-interface different events can be
started, played (and combined). In this process the experience of
remembering and loss of memory can be re-created in the appearance and
disappearance of words, pictures, animations and sounds. Memories (readable
with a general metaphorical meaning) are unveiled and veiled in transition
at the same time, arranged by or using your own memory.


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