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Thailand New Media Art Festival, Bangkok


Date: 20-28th March
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Main venue:  Sinakarinwirot University (on multiple locations) and 
several other locations downtown Bangkok.


1. Product of Artist is Art

2. New Media art [Unrestricted]

3. Kid proof media art

Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2004

ICECA Thailand, in collaboration with Sinakarinwirot University, 
Faculty of Fine Arts, is organizing the second New Media Art Festival 
in Thailand. The festival's exhibition is presented on the occasion 
of the renewal of ICECA's activities in Thailand and its 
collaboration with SWU. A series of a week long exhibition, workshops 
with visiting artists and film screenings will open for the public 
from 20 – 28th March 2004. This year ICECA attempt to install a 
special section for kids called ‘kids proof media art’ with the 
attempt to bridge barriers of language and culture and being 
artistic, communicative, interesting and appealing to a large range 
of audience. Other sections of the festival welcome lectures, 
conceptual or abstract media artworks too.

Submission information:
Works should contain, but are not limited to, digital works of the 
artist's choice. Acceptable digital formats include:

-video/animation/movie: VHS, DV, VCD, mpeg, mov, avi, qt, swf, etc.
-audio: .mp3 .wav .mid .aiff , audio tape, audio cd, or any of the 
above video formats
-executable PC or Mac (for software art)
-media files on CD-ROM (DVD not recommended due to compatibility 
issues but possible)
-webpage (URLs or web pages on CD-ROM)
-image: .jpg .gif .png, pdf etc. (no max. dimensions)
-small/lightweight installation/ electronic sculpture etc.

VERY IMPORTANT: clearly mark any postal submission “NO COMMERCIAL 
VALUE / Value $0.00” – if you forget, import tax will be 
automatically assigned and ICECA will not be able to retrieve your 

In preparing for this exhibition, please note that ICECA can provide 
only equipment for exhibition of works, and is extremely limited on 
financial assistance in case of special hardware required. Therefore 
the Festival will generally only accept works which it can 
accommodate using available equipment (PCs computers, video 
projectors, sound equipment, video/web cameras, vcd/dvd/cdrom 
players, still cameras and alike.

One of our sponsors is providing international airway transportation 
for selected works. In case your work/installation requires such 
transport please mark clearly: “support in transport required” and 
include detailed information about the cargo (detailed description, 
dimensions, value and several images of the equipment being part of 
the work).

Many media installations require complex installation and custom 
hardware, in case you wish to submit a work which requires special 
setup please mark your proposal clearly and please include technical 
specs advance (in Thai or English) together with videos of exhibited 
works. These videos will be presented in lieu of the work itself in 
case the festival is unable to find the financial/technical solution 
to present the work itself.

ICECA also requests your (the artist’s) permission, to include a copy 
of the submitted work in ICECA’s Digital New Media Art Library 
(already including nearly 100 international works from previous 

Submissions will be reviewed by the advisory board of SWU Faculty of 
Fine Arts with the help of volunteer art students. A final decision 
will be made by artistic director of the Festival Francis 
Wittenberger. The Festival reserve the right to reject works, yet a 
detailed note will be issues to each artist both in case of 
acceptance or rejection.

Dear artist,

We cordially invite you to participate in this second annual New 
Media Art Festival in Thailand and contribute to the growing media 
art scene in Thailand and South East Asia by submitting your works 
for this public exhibition.

ICECA and SWU also invite you to contribute in our seminars and 
workshops given free of charge to interested audience about forms of 
media art reflecting the subject of your expertise and choice. Please 
keep in mind that ICECA can provide invitation letters for ‘visiting 
artists’ but is very limited in providing financial assistance. For 
the seminars the Festival will provide ordinary equipment, such as 
light, video player/recorder projector, PC, sound system, translating 
handouts and occasionally help with accommodations. If your proposed 
workshop require special purpose equipment, such as special computer 
interfaces, multiple projectors or extra hardware that you are unable 
to bring with you from your home country please describe these items 
in detail on your submission. We will consider how to accommodate 
your needs.

Applications will only be accepted by E-mail, artists should submit 
their applications first via e-mail using attached files in the 
formats suggested above. After your submission is accepted we will 
provide you with a mailing address for sending CDROMs, videotapes etc.

Please send your application together with any media files to 
<mailto:iceca at culturebase.org>iceca at culturebase.org. Those accepted 
will be notified by e-mail. Please fill in the 
<http://culturebase.org/home/thailand/MAF04/Entry_form.htm>Entry Form

  Deadline 20 February 2003.


* ICECA has moved its centre of activity to Thailand's Capital – 
Bangkok and has nothing to do with the pretentious "Supernatural 
Media Festival" which is organized by those who forced ICECA to quit 
its non-profit activity in the northern city Chiang-Mai. This 
therefore, and no other is the only authentic call for proposals for 
“Thailand New Media Art Festival 2004 - Bangkok”

* a single e-mail attachment should not exceed 1 Mb;

With Best wishes for the New Year,

Francis Wittenberger


ICECA | Thailand New Media Art Festival - 2004


Thailand New Media Art Festival - CALL FOR PROPOSALS ONLINE


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