[spectre] ephemera: 'Silent Sounds'

Steffen Bohm sgbohm at essex.ac.uk
Fri Jan 16 09:34:12 CET 2004

Two online art performances have been published as part of a special
issue of 'ephemera: critical dialogues on organization' entitled 'Silent

'Do(n’t)' by John Wynne
'trans-mute' by Daniela Sneppova

These online projects can be viewed at



volume 3, number 4 (november 2003)

silent sounds


	Steffen Bohm and Attila Bruni

#1 	Sound Organisation: A Brief History of Psychosonic Management
	J. Martin Corbett

#2 	Ethics and/in/as Silence
	Marcel Cobussen	

#3 	Do(n’t)
	John Wynne

#4 	Talk and Silence: Instantiations and Articulations
	Carmen Kuhling, Kieran Keohane and Donncha Kavanagh 

#5 	Shadows of Silence
	Jerzy Kociatkiewicz and Monika Kostera 

#6	Shut the Fuck Up
	Anthony O’Shea 

#7	trans-mute
	Daniela Sneppova

#8 	The Refrain and Resistance: Music and Becoming-Jewish
	Bent Meier Sørensen 

#9	The Rest is Silence: A Remark on the Micro-Fascism of Critique
	Martin Fuglsang and Steffen Bohm



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