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         *** Visit CTHEORY Online: http://www.ctheory.net ***

  Announcement      04/01/21     Editors: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker


  We are pleased to announce the opening of the Pacific Centre for
  Technology and Culture.

  Located at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, the
  Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture (PACTAC) is conceived as a
  unique interdisciplinary institute for researching and teaching
  issues related to the impact of technological change on culture,
  politics and society. Simultaneously a centre of global intellectual
  exchange and an innovative and collaborative site for exploring the
  digital future, PACTAC approaches the question of technology from
  perspectives which are interdisciplinary in scope, critical in
  sensibility, and creative, experimental and immersive in method.

  CTHEORY is an integral part of the intellectual project of the
  Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture. "Electronic Theory:
  Science, Terror and Nihilism,"  PACTAC's inaugural lecture series
  (listed below) will be streamed and archived on CTHEORY’s web site

  The Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture has been created
  within the context of Dr. Arthur Kroker's Canada Research Chair in
  Technology, Culture and Theory, Department of Political Science,
  University of Victoria  and is supported with infrastructure funding
  from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, British Columbia
  Knowledge Developmment Fund as well as the generous support of the
  University of Victoria.

  kind regards,

  Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
  Editors, CTHEORY



                      Lecture Series: Winter 2004
              Electronic Theory: Science, Terror & Nihilism

                         University of Victoria
                        British Columbia, Canada

  Thursday January 29.  4:00pm

  Sound Unbound / Rhythm Science
  Paul D. Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky

  New York based multimedia artist, theorist and remix sound Dj.


  Thursday February 12. 2:30pm

  The Cultural Politics of Bio-genetics
  Dr. William Leiss, F.R.S.C.

  NSERC/SSHRC/Industry Research Chair in Risk Communication and Public
  Policy, University of Calgary.
  Past President: The Royal Society of Canada.


  Monday February 16. 2:30pm

  Re-Reading the War on Terrrorr: Technology, Culture and Security
  Bradley Bryan, Benjamin Muller, Sara Pash, Geoff Whitehall.

  Symposium moderated by Dr. James Tully.
  Department of Political Science, University of Victoria.


  Wednesday March 10. 4:00pm

  The Will to Technology and the Culture of Nihilism
  Dr. Arthur Kroker: Multimedia Book Launch & Lecture

  Canada Research Chair in Technologyy, Culture and Theory
  Department of Political Science, University of Victoria



  Dr. Arthur Kroker, CRC in Technology, Culture and Theory
  University of Victoria.

  CTHEORY. www.ctheory.net >> live stream on ctheory.net


  PACTAC Location:
  Technology Enterprise Facility (TEF), Room 170. 2300 MacKenzie.

  Limited Seating for all Events: Reservations Required
  Contact: ctheory at uvic.ca (250) 472-5285


  * CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology and
  *    culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in
  *    contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as
  *    theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape.
  * Editors: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
  * Editorial Board: Jean Baudrillard (Paris), Paul Virilio (Paris),
  *   Bruce Sterling (Austin), R.U. Sirius (San Francisco), Siegfried
  *   Zielinski (Koeln), Stelarc (Melbourne), Richard Kadrey (San
  *   Francisco), DJ Spooky [Paul D. Miller] (NYC), Timothy Murray
  *   (Ithaca/Cornell), Lynn Hershman Leeson (San Francisco), Stephen
  *   Pfohl (Boston), Andrew Ross (NYC), David Cook (Toronto), Ralph
  *   Melcher (Sante Fe), Shannon Bell (Toronto), Gad Horowitz
  *   (Toronto), Andrew Wernick (Peterborough).
  * In Memory: Kathy Acker
  * Editorial Correspondents: Ken Hollings (UK),
  *   Maurice Charland (Canada) Steve Gibson (Canada/Sweden).
  * Editorial Assistant: Ted Hiebert
  * WWW Design & Technical Advisor: Spencer Saunders (CTHEORY.NET)
  * WWW Engineer Emeritus: Carl Steadman


                 To view CTHEORY online please visit:

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  * CTHEORY includes:
  * 1. Electronic reviews of key books in contemporary theory.
  * 2. Electronic articles on theory, technology and culture.
  * 3. Event-scenes in politics, culture and the mediascape.
  * 4. Interviews with significant theorists, artists, and writers.
  * 5. Multimedia theme issues and projects.
  * The Editors would like the thank the University of Victoria for
  *   financial and intellectual support of CTheory. In particular, the
  *   Editors would like to thank the Dean of Social Sciences, Dr. John
  *   Schofield, the Dean of Engineering, Dr. D. Michael Miller and Dr.
  *   Jon Muzio, Department of Computer Science.
  * No use of CTHEORY articles without permission. Works from the
  *   CTHEORY archive may only be reprinted with permission of the
  *   Editors. Email ctheory at uvic.ca for more information.
  * Mailing address: CTHEORY, University of Victoria, PO Box 3050,
  *   Victoria, BC, Canada, V8W 3P5.
  * Full text and microform versions are available from UMI, Ann Arbor,
  *   Michigan; and Canadian Periodical Index/Gale Canada, Toronto.
  * Indexed in: International Political Science Abstracts/
  *   Documentation politique international; Sociological Abstract
  *   Inc.; Advance Bibliography of Contents: Political Science and
  *   Government; Canadian Periodical Index; Film and Literature Index.

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