[spectre] Lena Lapschina: "1000 mm/ or the Bedroom Window"

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 2 09:47:35 CET 2006

From: lena at culturepress.at

A new project at Vienna Museumsquartier, curated by Lucas Gehrmann / 
Kunsthalle Wien

Lena Lapschina
"1000 mm/ or the Bedroom Window"
Double projection, DVD, 22 min. 33 sec.

For over two years, Lena Lapschina points a Zenit photo camera with 
1000-millimeter-hypertelelens from her bedroom window on the seventh 
floor of Gasometer in Vienna's Simmering district at the surroundings. 
What she captures - thousands of pics, sometimes sharply, sometimes 
blurred - is „the whole world“  of the urban landscape between the 
allotment garden idyll, a rock concert hall and the supermarket car 
park: hobos and biedermeier, punks and superstars, sprayers and 
policemen, pissers and lovemakers, dog owners and postmen, gangs and 
horses, exhibitionists and underdogs...

„White studies“ - the explorations of daily/nightly social behaviour of 
the area between Ostbahn (east railway) and central cemetery - pulse 
across the two screens, accompanied with acid-jazz by Nuclear Los.

Lena Lapschina lives and works as an artist in Vienna. She was born in 
Kurgan (Siberia).

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