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Nina Czegledy czegledy at interlog.com
Fri Feb 3 08:15:55 CET 2006

PLESE circulate as widely as possible!


We invite you to participate in the Aurora Live online project:

When: February 5, 2006

Time: 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm GMT+2 / 7:30 am -10:30 am EST (Time varies  by
geographic time zone, please confirm  your regional start  time)

 Aurora Live is part of The Aurora Feast Public Art  Project, a
collaborative exhibition currently featured at Heureka the  Finnish Science
Centre in Vanta, Finland. Aurora Live is an interactive,  real-time,
web-based visualization of personal and cross-cultural  interpretations of
the Northern Lights (Aurora) phenomenon.

 In a single word, what does Aurora conjure in you? Is it a feeling, a
sensation? An image, a vision? A memory, a thought? A place or a dream?
Tell  us!

 On  Sunday, February 5,  2005, your one-word descriptions of the northern
lights can be  submitted globally, on location, and in various languages.
Send us your Aurora  word via SMS or web-form on the Aurora Feast website.
Your interpretive words  are passed through our database, onto a
web-accessible site. Our interactive  program will integrate your singular
word contribution and enlighten it within  the transformative display of
the Aurora Live site.

 Send us a little Aurora energy in one word, and we'll infuse it into our
Aurora big picture.

 Please submit your word ON  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5 via  our website:


Submit your word via SMS? messages to: +358-50-4316621

We hope to hear from you!

The Aurora Live Collaborative Team:

Nina Czegledy, Daniel Barber, Seken Chung, Trevor Haldenby, Chris  Hession,
Deborah Hession, Greg Judelman, Duncan Kushnir, Caitlin  O'Donovan

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