[spectre] Paths through Utopia

John Jordan artactivism at gn.apc.org
Sun Feb 12 21:12:49 CET 2006

Dear fellow travellers through utopia

We are beginning to research a new project and were wondering whether 
you could help. Basically we would like to make a nomadic socially 
engaged art project that involves a  tour of Europe  visiting a range 
of  creative alternatives to  capitalist  ways of everyday living (with 
the view of maybe creating a map/ installation/ book / film / whatever 
form will be most exciting... not sure yet)  We want to visit  lots of 
different examples of all sizes, nature, spirit (not just communal 
living experiments but  also micro models of  economics, education, 
love, Power, food, information,  transportation etc).

We feel that too often European anticapitalists' visions "what we are 
FOR"  come from  far away - the occupied factories of Argentina, 
Autonomous municipalities of Chiapas, The Brazilian landless movement  
etc... and rarely do we talk about models on our own doorstep, less 
exotic but maybe just as inspiring .. We feel that  by focusing on 
these geographically and somewhat culturally distant models we have 
maybe ignored many of the more local ones. We would like the project to 
make  some of the  inspiring  European experiments more visible to both 
ourselves and a wider public.. 

This is where you come in.... We know that you have either lived in , 
visited, written about or passed through in some way some of these 
alternative experiments in everyday life in Europe . They might be 
intentional communities, radical education schemes, wild agricultural 
projects, inventive transport ideas , fabulous free spaces of some 
sort. We would love to  know what are the models of another way of 
living that made your heart beat  because they allowed you to glimpse 
another world and to know that it was possible to slip out of the 
"comfortable" clutches of capitalism forever?

If you could share your top 5 ? or 3 ? or how ever many you have with 
us it would be absolutely brilliant... It'd allow us to make sure that 
we don't stupidly pass by a great thing just because we did not know 
about it....

Thanks ever so much in advance

JJ and ISA xx


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