[spectre] Good Bye Reality! How Media Art Died But Nobody Noticed

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Mon Feb 13 10:47:27 CET 2006

Media Art Died?

another labeling discussion coming up? Why not switch to tagging
instead of labeling (that way we save time in syncing our language

...now if you think I missed the point of conceptual differences in
standpoints Andreas or Armin are taking it is only because I did so
intentionally - most of their arguments have been discussed before.
Does media/technology centered creative work (lets not even call it
art at this point) benefit from having an environment on it's own for
it's relatively autistic experiments or aphoristic critique (as very
few pieces go beyond this) - needs as much discussion as discussing
any relatively radical contemporary art practice that conceptually or
formally goes beyond the grasp of mainstream cultural audience.

Interesting text but most of the remarks on transmediale as annual
festival (I missed almost all tm06) could easily be mirrored to any
other festival of this size and importance. Personally I think once
you enter cycle of annual event at certain scale this also largely
frames your work flows, politics and economies regardless of the field
of art practices you engage with or present.

What is more interesting is that transmediale was trying to be also a
bit more ambitious in *trend setting* and supportive of new practices
and initiatives, which is something long running festivals would not
touch usually. After receiving significant financial support from KSB
for next few years I was hoping it would be diverse and daring in
programing/structuring of overall event, rather then catching up with
what was missing before (big performances and installation works) -
especially compared to Ars Electronica Festival. In a way I was a bit
disappointed with curated exhibition and there is obviously stress in
moving to a new space which is no match to HKW in terms of spatial
options, but I wonder if other options were available.

Anyway in the cultural field where classical and established fields
are slowly catching up with technologies and concepts of new networked
society it is important to have different strategic and tactical
approaches to present contemporary creative productions in/with
digital media and diversify it to many models (even if takes
antagonizing or polarizing perspectives on this ;-)

my 5 cents

On 2/8/06, marc <marc.garrett at furtherfield.org> wrote:
> Good Bye Reality! How Media Art Died But Nobody Noticed
> by Armin Medosch
> http://www.mazine.ws/node/230

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