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Bettina Pehrsson bp at iaspis.com
Mon Feb 20 17:00:08 CET 2006


Open call for magazines or periodicals published by artists and  
artists' collectives, independent groups, non-profit organisations and  
alternative spaces to be part of the Nomads + Residents' Traveling  
Magazine Table, which will be on view at Iaspis this spring from 21-30  
April 2006. Please send two copies of your latest magazine or  
periodical issue(s) to:
Iaspis – International Artists´ Studio Program in Sweden
Attn: Traveling Magazine Table
Box 1610
SE-111 86 Stockholm
Deadline for receipt: 28 February 2006.
·         You may send more copies and more issues or numbers of your  
publication, but please be aware that postage/shipping costs are at  
your own expense.
·        Exhibition catalogues or monographs are not accepted.
·        Publications cannot be sold; they will be on exhibition and  
made available to the public for free consultation. We encourage you,  
however, to send brochures, flyers, or other material providing  
information about subscription or your organisation.
·         Your publications and related materials submitted will become  
part of Nomads+Residents Traveling Magazine Table, and will be  
presented at Iaspis (21-30 April 2006) and subsequently at other  
participating host venues. Material submitted will not be returned.
·         Please pass on this Open Call and keep us informed of groups  
and individuals that are engaged in publishing non-commercial art  
magazines or similar publications.
Information and questions can be sent to: extra at iaspis.com
Traveling Magazine Table (a project by Nomads&Residents  
(www.nomadsresidents.org) is getting to its fourth step. After the  
Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius (2003), Art in General in New York  
(2004) and M.I.T. in Boston (2005) it will be hosted by Iaspis in  
Stockholm between April 21-30, 2006. Iaspis will host the archive of  
magazines we have already received plus all the new ones we will  
receive in the meantime. In Stockholm the project will be staged by  
Karl Larsson and Andreas Mangione (you find their self-presentations  
included at the end of this document).
It is particularly important to have contemporary art magazines from  
all over the world. Therefore, if you are personally involved in a  
publication of a contemporary art periodical that has no commercial  
worldwide distribution, or you know of someone who is, or you want to  
provide us with information that could be useful for this project,  
please do let us know.
Nomads+Residents has a special interest in projects that develop on a  
collective basis and in artistic practices that involve making  
resources and ideas available for common use. With this in mind,  
Nomads+Residents initiated Magazine Table. The Magazine Table consisted  
of collecting a broad variety of national and international magazines,  
journals, and similar printed publications produced by non-profit and  
alternative spaces, artists' collectives, groups, teams, and other  
forms of collaborations. The results granted an unexpected insight into  
the discourses and networks existing outside the mainstream channels of  
The Traveling Magazine Table activates the circulation of and gives  
access to printed publications, many of which have a very limited  
distribution. It provides information about ideas, projects, practices,  
and discussions taking place in the broader field of contemporary art  
and culture. With each participating venue, the Traveling Magazine  
Table will be updated with new materials, and made available for public  
consultation. To update the Traveling Magazine Table, and thus to  
guarantee its continuity and growth, Nomads+Residents, its network, and  
the participating host venues, will announce and distribute an open  
call for submissions to receive new publications. A list of  
contributions will be published on the Nomads+Residents website. We  
invite you to contribute to Traveling Magazine Table.
Self-Presentations by Karl Larsson and Andreas Mangione staging the  
project at Iaspis
Karl Larsson, artist-in-residence at Iaspis in Stockholm from 1 April –  
30 September 2006
A displacement of focus from studio to exhibition space means, for me,  
that it leaves the problems of individuals struggling whilst making way  
for a discussion concerning the collective. Foremost, it’s a question  
of positioning oneself towards society. As a single individual one is  
almost doomed to produce and consume unique products, whereas, as a  
collective one can ask questions and make demands – both on rights and  
obligations. As an artist I think the issue of belonging and standpoint  
become very important as one publicly positions oneself in the world  
within the work. Through this activity one becomes an example to  
follow. My work tries to be a changeable outline for an artistic  
practise and a way to examine from what direction and with what voice  
authorities speak. I work collaboratively with several artists and I am  
the editor for the magazine U-N-I-O-N. At this time I work mainly with  
text, printed material, lectures and gestures. My working situation is  
very similar to that of a writer, with the difference of being neither  
a publishing agency nor an isolated space, but where the work can  
function autonomous, exist. During my period at Iaspis I’ll be working  
in collaboration with Andreas Mangione on the project entitled The  
Archive of Small Fragments of War Enshrined in Everyday Life.
Andreas Mangione, artist-in-residence at Iaspis in Stockholm from 1  
April – 30 September 2006
Through work with facades, text and lectures I let another historical  
and geographical context interplay with, and find an expression in,  
contemporary and local monuments, institutions and micro cultures. What  
interests me is how a possibility for a decisive self-reference occurs  
in that kind of meeting, where the production of myth and reality  
uncovers and becomes general property, new thoughts and new realities.  
During my time at Iaspis I will be working in collaboration with Karl  
Larsson on The Archive of Small Fragments of War Enshrined in Everyday  


Iaspis is an artist-in-residence program based in Stockholm and a  
government funded institution supporting Swedish artists exhibiting  
abroad. The main purpose of IASPIS is to facilitate creative dialogues  
and collaborations between artists from Sweden and from other  
countries. Both recently graduated and more established Swedish artists  
could apply for specific projects to be realized in our studios in the  
building of the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Stockholm. Artists from  
abroad are invited by IASPIS for periods of two to six months,  
sometimes in connection with exhibitions or other projects in Sweden.  
The program is based around our ten studios in Stockholm, but we also  
have studios in the cities of Gothenburg, Malmö, and Umeå.
IASPIS is funded by the Swedish government through the Swedish Visual  
Arts Fund. The board consists of artists and museum professionals. The  
international residency program is by invitation only. IASPIS is a  
member of the international network for residential art centers, Res  
For information please contact us:
Phone: +46-8-402 35 77, fax: +46-8-402 35 92
E-mail: info at iaspis.com
Webb: www.iaspis.com
Post address: IASPIS, Box 1610, SE-111 86 Stockholm, Sweden.
Visiting address: Jakobsgatan 27, 3-4 floor, 111 52 Stockholm.

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