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Sonic Acts XI - The Anthology of Computer Art

23 - 26 februari 2006 - Paradiso / De Balie, Amsterdam

The eleventh edition of the Sonic Acts Festival will be held from
Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th February 2006 in Paradiso and De Balie
in Amsterdam. Entitled Sonic Acts XI - The Anthology of Computer Art,
the festival will include a three-day international conference, three
evenings and nights of live performances, an extensive film programme
and an exhibition. A DVD and a book on the festival theme will also
be published to coincide with it.

The three-day conference will provide a multifaceted and penetrating
overview of computer art. International speakers from computer arts,
film, the fine arts, music, the academic world, literature and art
history will, from the perspective of their own background, discuss
the historical developments, present the current position of computer
art, and consider its future. Jasia Reichardt (UK) opens the festival
at February 23 2006 with a Keynote lecture.

Reichardt is writer and curator and made history in 1968 with the
exhibit Cybernetic Serendipity. Speakers at the conference include
Lillian Schwartz (US), pioneer in the field of computer-generated art
and computer films; Curtis Roads (US), composer and author of the
influential Computer Music Tutorial; Stephen Wilson (US), professor
of conceptual design at the SFSU and author of the authoritative
Information Arts, Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology;
Joost Rekveld (NL), artist, produces abstract films and kinetic
installations since 1991; Ben Fry (USA), artist, who's current
research involves the visualization of genetic data. With Casey Reas
he is developing the open source programming environment Processing;
Manfred Mohr (US), computer artist since 1968 and considered as one
of the pioneers; Frieder Nake (DE), professor interactive computer-
graphics in Bremen and one of the three artists in the first computer
art exhibitions (1965, Stuttgart). A key-person in the field of
computer art and information aesthetics since then; Andreas
Broeckmann (DE), artistic director of the international media art
festival Transmediale in Berlin. In texts and lectures he deals with
post-medial practices and the possibilities for a 'machinic'
aesthetics of media art; Matthias Weiss (DE), studied art history and
philosophy and is considered an authority in the field of net-art;
John Oswald (CA), composer and sound-artist. Became famous in 1990
with his Plunderphonics; Rob Young (UK), editor for the music
magazine The Wire; Golan Levin (US), artist, composer, performer and
engineer, develops new forms of interaction with audiovisual systems;
Joan Leandre (ES), also known as Retroyou, artist working with
modified games; Wolf Lieser (DE), curator and founder of the Digital
Art Museum; Erik van Blokland (NL), designer and co-founder of
Letterror. Arjen Mulder (NL), Casey Reas (US) and Rutger Wolfson (NL)
will moderate during the conference.
The festival will start with performances by Granular Synthesis (AT)
and Curtis Roads & Brian O'Reilly (US). Granular Synthesis, renowned
for its monumental and impressive audio-visual performances and
installations, will perform Areal. Curtis Roads & Brian O'Reilly will
perform their international acclaimed octaphonic audiovisual piece
Point Line Cloud.

The Friday programme is being compiled in collaboration with Jace
Clayton (a.k.a. DJ/rupture), founder of Negrophonic and Soot Records,
and will include: The Bug feat. Ras B (Rephlex, UK), Beans (Warp,
US), Ghislain Poirier (Chocolate Industries, CA), Vex'd (Rephlex,
UK) , DJ /rupture & No Lay & G-Kid (Unorthodox, UK), Team Shadetek
presents: Heavy Meckle feat. Matt Shadetek, Sheen, Jammer, Chronik &
Ears (Warp / Jah Mek the the World, UK/US), Hrvatski (Planet Mu, US),
Aaron Spectre (Death$ucker, US), Ove-Naxx (Adaadat, JP), Scotch Egg
(Wrong Music, JP), Doddodo (Adaadat, JP), Drop the Lime (Tigerbeat6,
US), Filastine (Soot, US), Nettle (theAgriculture, ES), 2/5 BZ
(Gözel, TU), Gustav (Mosz, AT), Planning to Rock (Twisted Nerve, DE),
Toktek & MNK (NL).

On Saturday Performances by: Matthew Dear (Spectral Sound, US),
Reinhard Voigt (Kompakt, DE), Ada (Areal records, DE), TBA (Max
Ernst, DE), AGF & SUE.C (Orthlorng Musork, DE/US), Portable (Scape,
ZA), Fe-mail (NO), NotTheSameColor (AT), SKIF & Bas van Koolwijk (US/
NL), Moha! (NO), OfficeR(6) (NL/US/NO), Jason Forrest (Cock Rock
Disco, US), TinyLittleElements (AT/DE), Anne Laplantine (FR), Boris &
Brecht Debackere (BE), Nancy Fortune (Viewlexx, FR).

The film programme will look at purely digital film art with a number
of historical overviews, documentaries and contemporary computer
films. Work will also be shown from the archive of the Institut
National Audiovisuel, Groupe de Recherches des Images. In two
programme series work will be shown from filmmakers such as: Raymond
Hains, Jacques Brissot, Nicolas Schöffer, Caroline Laure, Marie
Claire Petris, Peter Foldes, Robert Lapoujade and Piotr Kamler. Much
of this material has never been seen before in the Netherlands: it
offers a wealth of historical material related to abstract film and
musique concrête.  There are two filmmaker in focus programmes:
Lillian Schwartz and John Whitney; there is one programme with very
early computer films by filmmakers like Michael A. Noll, Chuck Csuri
and Stan Vanderbeek; there is a programme with early 'computer aided
design' works and there is a programme with works from SIGGRAPH.

The exhibition will include a number of key-works from the pioneers
of computer-art, including works by Ben Laposky, Manfred Mohr, Edward
Zajec, Frieder Nake, Tony Longson and Vera Molnar. Also works will be
shown from the Sonic Acts 2006 DVD, by artists such as: Bart Vegter,
Semiconductor, Effekt, Telcosystems & Jason Haas, Martijn van Boven,
C.E.B. Reas, Meta, Driessens & Verstappen, Karl Kliem, Chris
Musgrave, Peter Luining, reMI, Scott Pagano & Keepadding, Kurt
Ralske, George Issakidis and Daniel Perlin & Dj /rupture.

Sonic Acts XI
Thursday February 23 - Sunday February 26 2006
Paradiso, Weteringschans 6 - 8, Amsterdam, +31206264521
De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam, +31205535100

Conference passepartout: ¤ 45,00 (Thursday February 23, doors 20:00,
start 20:30, location: Paradiso; Friday February 24, Saturday
February 25 & Sunday February 26, doors 12:30, start 13:00, location:
De Balie) - The passepartout is also valid for the performance
programme & the Keynote lecture on Thursday February 23.

Live Performances: ¤ 12,50 incl. (Thursday February 23, doors: 20:00,
start 20:30, Friday February 24 & Saturday February 25 doors: 20:00,
start 21:00, location: Paradiso)

Films: ¤ 6,25 (Thursday February 23, 19:30 & 21:00, Friday February
24, 19:30 & 21:00, Saturday 25, 16:00, 19:30 & 21:00)

Conference tickets are available from January 7 2006 via De Balie
(+31205535100 between 14.00 and 17.30 during weekdays), AUB and
online via:  http://www.amsterdamsuitburo.nl/dsp_productie.cfm?

Live Performance tickets are available from January 7 2006 via AUB
and online via:

Film tickets are available from January 14 2006 via De Balie
(+31205535100 between 14.00 and 17.30 during weekdays)

For more information: www.sonicacts.com

Sonic Acts XI - The Anthology of Computer Art
23 - 26 february 2006 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Sonic Acts
Weteringschans 6 - 8
1017 SG Amsterdam
the Netherlands
info at sonicacts.com
p +31206264521
f  +31206222721

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