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Andreas Broeckmann abroeck at transmediale.de
Wed Feb 22 12:55:46 CET 2006

Dear reader,The STRP festival will take place between the 24th and 
26th of March 2006 in the former industrial area, Strijp S, in 
Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

STRP is a festival at the intersection of art, technology and popular 
culture in the full context of all art disciplines. A festival where 
the public is treated to a broad palette of works through in-depth 
presentations and large spectacles, which provide an image of how 
visual art, design, stage arts, film, architecture and popular 
culture develop themselves through the means or appliance of both new 
and existing technology.


STRP Program:

Amorphic RobotWorks (USA) - Inflatable Bodies, Robotlab (GER) - 
Juke_bots, Bill Vorn (CAN) - Hysterical Machines, Pascal Glissmann, 
Martina Höfflin (GER) - Electronic Life Forms (ELF), Garnet Hertz 
(CAN) - Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot #3, Gijs van Bon - Arabesk 
#23, Time's up/HRL (AUT), Bar Bot - Dr. Christoph Bartneck (GER) - 
eMuu, Robbert Smit, Graham Smith, HKU - Telemoby, Björn Schülke (GER) 
- Nervous, Markus Lerner, Andre Stubbe (GER) - Outerspace, Michiel 
van Overbeek - Nazarenos, Lara Greene (UK) - You Move Me, Fred Abels 
& Mirjam Langemeijer - Dirk

Marnix de Nijs - RMR (runmotherfuckerrun), C6 (UK) - Want & Need, 
//////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces (GER) - PainStation, 
Marnix de Nijs &  Edwin van der Heide - Spatial Sounds, Mateusz 
Herczka - 44\13, Debbie does art - Cockroachlounge, Walter Langelaar 
- SUB-OBJECT_2.1, Raymond Deirkauf, Beyond Expression - Ray's, Aldje 
van Meer en Radboud Mens - Realsound, Kim Boekhout van Solinge - 
Ruissimulatie, David Kousemaker - TouchMe, Prohaska, Sägmüller, 
Demblin (AUT) - Unplugger v1.1/Plug In to Black Out, Prohaska (AUT) - 
KRFTWRK, Crew (BE) - Degenerator 2.0, Paul Klotz - 3D-Quoter

Jeff Mills (DVJ-set, USA) - Derrick May (USA) - Daniel Wang (USA) - 
DJ Krust (UK) - Addictive TV (DVJ Set, UK) - Dick El Demasiado - Lady 
Aida - Steffi - Martyn (DJ Pan) - Robob - Rick Angel - Ari Daily - 
Caz One

Karl Bartos (Ex-Kraftwerk, GER) - Mouse on Mars (GER) - DMX Krew (UK) 
- Atom Heart (GER / CHI) - Octave One (USA) - Joris Voorn - Secret 
Cinema - Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori (USA) - Beautyon (UK) - Daniel 
Wang (USA) - Kettel - Geigercounting - Dijf Sanders (BE) - Dexter - 
Like a Tim - Vert (GER/UK) - Drillem -  Taeji Sawai (JPN) - Ella 
Bandita - Yutaka Makino (JPN)  -  RA-X and the Raiders of the Lost 
Cause - David Grubbs (USA) - Solid Decay - Hrvatski

Live Cinema
Peter Greenaway (UK): Tulse Luper VJ performance - Skoltz Kolgen 
(CAN) - Telcosystems -  Addictive TV (UK): The Eye of the Pilot - 
Boris en Brecht Debackere (BE): Rotor - Optical Machines - SXNDRX: 

Video-art/art videoclips
Cinefeel:  Music Videos - Addictive TV (UK): Mixmasters - Optronica 
(UK): Visual Music on the Screen - WORM: Live Cinema DVD 1 - NOTV: 
Visual Music 2 - Floris Kaayk: The Order Electrus

VJ Oxygen

Live visuals & presentations by Holland-Interactive

Special outdoor light installation by Har Hollands

Fritz Lang (GER) - Metropolis, Fred M. Wilcox (USA) - Forbidden 
Planet, Mamoru Oshii (JPN) - Ghost in the Shell 2, Het uur van de 
wolf - Op zoek naar een vergeten toepassing, Lesic, Lindgreen & 
Pancras, When I sold my soul to the machine, Len Lye (NZL) - Birth of 
a Robot, Lillian Schwartz (USA) - Pixilliation, Robert Seidel(GER) 
-Grau, Phillipp Hirsch (GER) - Inside, Alexander Rutterford (UK) - 
Gantz Graf, Alexander Rutterford (UK) - 3Space, Johnny Hardstaff (UK) 
- Future of Gaming, George Melies (FRA) - Le Voyage dans la Lune

Pipslab: The washing powder conspiracy, produced by Paradiso-Melkweg 
Productiehuis - Crew (BE):  _U - Eboman: SampleMadnesS          

Ralf Schreiber, Tina Tonagel and Christian Faubel (GER)   
'Chirping and Crawling' Robotworkshop

Karl Bartos (Ex Kraftwerk, GER) - Bas Haring - Dirk van Weelde - Dr. 
Christoph Bartneck (GER) - Kees Tazelaar - Koert van Mensvoort - 
Peter Verhelst (BE) - Hans Beekmans - Waag Society

Check for in depth information on the festival WWW.STRP.NL

Best Regards,

Bente Bollmann

STRP Foundation
P.O. Box 272 / 5600 AG  Eindhoven / The Netherlands
Tel: +31 40 2367228 / Fax: +31 40 2377676

The STRP festival will take place between the 24th and 26th of March 
2006 in the former industrial area, Strijp S, in Eindhoven, the 

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