[spectre] please link to this site: http://waldvogel.plaintext.cc/

amanda mcdonald crowley amc at va.com.au
Fri Feb 24 07:41:10 CET 2006

Thanks Inke/ Florian,

This does help to contextualise.  I had indeed linked to the site  
already, but was keen to understand a little more of the background.

But as Robbin from The Thing points out, some contextual information  
helps others less in the loop with regard to these particular  
players, who understand and are potentially interested to support the  
position you are espousing, but might not understand the background.



On 23/02/2006, at 7:18 PM, Inke Arns wrote:

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> Inke Arns:
>>  I am "singling out" Waldvogel because 1) he is the only of the three
>>  curators who's possibly known outside of a (or even in the) German
>>  speaking context (as Spectre), and 2) because his name is the  
>> only of
>>  the three that keeps re-appearing on mailing lists like Nettime and
>>  Spectre. Furthermore, I am "singling out" Waldvogel because 3)
>>  indeed, he is one of the three curators of the upcoming Manifesta in
>>  Cyprus (and, through that, has quite an international exposure). And
> Just to add my 10 cents: I am singling out Waldvogel (by running the
> site while being another writer whose anonymized writing makes up a
> considerable part of the "Just Do it" book) because ripping off other
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