[spectre] IZOLENTA/06 International Digital Film Festival

Anna_Kolosova fastmedia at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 15:20:24 CET 2006

IZOLENTA /06 International Digital Film Festival

is happy to inform you that we are ready to accept your art-works for 
the contest of IZOLENTA/06 Festival. All of the works sent will be 
divided into four categories:





The Festival is held on May, 13-14, 2006 at the re-newed territory of 
Griboyedov club.
The aim of the festival is development of the national culture in the 
spheres of movie-making and technologies of the modern world, search 
for new talents and vanguard trend.

We target at revealing the process of developing the new cinema 
philosophy based upon the availability of the movie-making process. 
It helps to widen the abilities of the digital cinema language as 
well as to trace the interrelations of various visual arts' sections 
such as fiction and documentary, experimental movies and animation. 
It can also become a good starting point for directors, artists and 
  "There are few of those how accept the fact that such a way of 
movie-making is far more convenient that using film for shooting, - 
says Sundance Independent Film Festival program director, Jeff 
Gilmore. - Video will not replace movies. Still digital video has 
already started changing the image of independent film-shooting. New 
trchnologies found their place with such directors as Spike Lee, Gus 
Van Sant, Lars von Trier, and many others.
Where should stay digital video - shall it stay with dramas and risky 
projects while film will be used for high budget multimillion studio 
works? Will we see any more talents or we are going to drawn in the 
pile of ordinariness?
These are the questions that are to be solved within the currence of 
time. IZOLENTA International Film Festival will help to find the 
answers today.

IZOLENTA/06 Film Festival Commitee:
Head Torkay Nastya e-mail: torkaitorkai at gmail.com
Kolossova Anna e-mail : fastmedia at gmail.com
Polevaya Anastassia: nalyvayka at list.ru
Trudov Vladimir:
Komarov Mikhail:
Our address:
193036 Russia Saint-Petersburg, 67 ulitsa Marata
+7 8901-301-60-61 Torkay Nastya
  +7 (812) 717 7967  Kolosova Anna
e-mail: digifilmfest at gmail.com

The works, excepted for the competition, should be created by digital
video-, audio- and computer devices and they should be made not later
than the 1st of January, 2005. The length - no more than 30 minutes.

Each participant is to present only one work in every category.

The selection board will except the works till the 20th  of April 2006.

We urgently recommend:
Please, pack your works attentively and put in the envelope the
filled-in entry form of the participant. On the envelope legibly write
the following: "Digital film festival IZOLENTA/06" and the title of the

You should either bring your works to "Griboedov" club: St.
Petersburg, Voronezhskaya street, 2a, or send by mail to the following
address: 191119, St. Petersburg, house 67, flat 36, for Anastasia Torkay

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