[spectre] Vague Terrain 14: Biomorph

Greg Smith greg.smith at utoronto.ca
Tue Aug 4 04:22:04 CEST 2009

A selection of artists, architects and writers were invited by guest  
curator Paul Prudence to contribute work that dealt with biological,  
botanical and morphogenetic ideas and processes. Vague Terrain 14:  
Biomorph provides an exotic selection of contemporary computational  
art, process-based illustration and speculative architecture. Some  
relevant keywords: "cellular automata, bacterial aesthetics, emergence  
and genetic algorithms."

Contributing artists include: Daniel Widrig, David Lu, Emma McNally,  
Jonathan McCabe, Kat Masback, Marc Fornes (aka THEVERYMANY), Michael  
Hansmeyer, Robert Hodgin (aka Flight404), Wilfried Hou Je Bek and  
academic research directed by Alisa Andrasek of Biothing.

View the issue at http://vagueterrain.net/journal14

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