[spectre] The Isle of St. Kilda

Séamas Cain seamascain at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 18:47:24 CEST 2009


On the 29th of August 2009, there will be a simultaneous festival of
arts & cultural events in communities throughout Scotland.  This
multi-site festival will celebrate the ancient Gaelic culture of one
of the world's truly spectacular places, the Isle of St. Kilda.


Events are planned in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Berneray, the
Isle of Harris, the Isle of Lewis, Perth, Argyll, Portree, & North
Uist as well as South Uist.

The Isle of St. Kilda lies 65 kilometres out into the Atlantic to the
west of Scotland's Outer Hebrides.  The Isle of St. Kilda emerged from
a huge volcano more than 50 million years ago & its vertical rock
cliffs are dizzyingly tall.

This festival of the Isle of St. Kilda, sponsored by Gaelic Arts &
Pròiseact nan Ealan, celebrates the place & the people of the Isle,
their lives & their legacy in poetry & music & song, words & images,
storytelling & film.  (BBC ALBA will be showing a number of St. Kilda
related programmes, so watch out for these in the run up to St. Kilda


Moran taing,

Séamas Cain


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