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OOTT: Once Open a Time Theater

For my conference at « Refresh! » (1), I chose the topic « From 
Scenography to Planetary Network »: about Polieri's research in France.

Now, I would like to shed some light on the sixties, particularly in the 
US, through the theater, pre-and-post media, where environment was 
performance. The personality of John Cage is the best known and 
identified, between two major events: the first multimedia happening 
which occurred at Black Montain College and the « Nine Evenings » at 
EAT. In Oliver Grau's book published by the Leonardo Press, « Virtual 
Art: From Illusion to Immersion », he printed an excerpt from Gene 
Yougblood's « Expanded Cinema » (1970) about Milton Cohen's « Space 
Theater ». Milton Cohen is still an unknown figure from the « Once Group ».

We need to discover especially how this invisible '360° history' has 
become a permanent fixture in the art of contemporary media. How can we 
understand the past and future of space hybridization? This conference 
is not about modernizating old space but about new writing to decipher – 
from the national boundaries of delays and advances in « mediart » - 
towards a RE-visionnary « LIVE » media art.

To be continued @ re:live09 (2)

Best regards from Marspace,
Franck Ancel

(2) http://www.mediaarthistory.org

PS German interview about Ancel's zerography there:

ñ a écrit :
> This is an invitation to join in..
> a collaborative controversial aesthetico-cultural experiment about
> building a new future for an old discipline, called theatre.
> (or 'how to dismantle theatre by making an electro-digital instrument
> out of it')
> will start up in Munich at i-camp/Neues Theater on September 21, 2009
> with a group of electronic and digital artists and objects as motors
> for a necessary change. The work will continue over seven days
> leading to 'THE LAST THEATRE SHOW EVER' on September 27, 2009.
> Within this week we will try to investigate the theatre medium as it
> could be reinvented in the 21st century and freed from itself.
> The major objective is to start with the process of critical
> discussions on aspects and parameters of conventional theatre and
> radical experimenting, in order to reconceptualize, reformalize,
> recontextualize and resynthesize them.
> The set up is essentially collaborative, but leaves place for personal
> study, reflection and work to feed back into the group process.
> It will not function as a tutorial, or a learning event, but rather as
> an exploration of the possible features of chosen artifacts and tools.
> The goal is the realization of a maybe unfinished, but influential,
> first stage for the even more in-depth and radical development of a
> new medium called theatre.
> All media-related artists, from any discipline possible, working in
> a contemporary and experimental spirit are invited to join forces in
> Munich with different media, concepts and ideas along those lines:
> http://writingthrough.societyofalgorithm.org/node/18
> http://writingthrough.societyofalgorithm.org/node/21
> If you are interested and can be present in Munich for the week of
> September 21-27, 2009, join in!:
> http://www.aa-vv.org/?lathshnev
> http://www.aa-vv.org/?registration
> Natalia Borissova
> http://www.av-vv.org
> Gívan Belá
> http://societyofalgorythm.org
> /
> Kind support:
> I-camp
> Bezirk Oberbayern
> Kulturreferat der Landeshautpstadt München

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