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Press relase
Paris, the 1th December 2009.

Un jeu d'échec étoilé

At the request of Nathalie Amaë for the ArtistBook International event 
in Paris, and in conjunction with the international astronomy year, 
Franck Ancel is presenting a CONSTELLATION bringing together the 
evolving worlds of publishing, installation and performance in their 
evolution at the Pompidou Center . Three collaborative projects include 
<<VMR>>, <<58/08>> and <<0000>>.

In 1957, Jacques Scherer published the first edition of the LIVRE by 
Mallarmé which has been unavailable since. In 1967, Jacques Polieri 
managed to create an electronic scenography from it. It was a 
spatio-temporal and symbolic chance occurrence when, between 1957 and 
1965 Ferederick Kiesler transfigured the scenic codes and contruscted a 
"Book Grotto" in Jerusalem. Contemporary writing has sence been both 
determined and determining when faced with digital technology where 
everything stems from language right at the moment when the book as a 
medium seemed to be on the way to burning out.

For the <<000>> project, Franck Ancel has woven a web of collaborations 
from the manuscript of LIVRE by Mallarmé, whose manuscript remains 
esoteric, like the informatic language that connects us with the universe.

Like the BOOK of Changes, the gameboard rests on the number 64 and 
entering into the game is enough to respond to our invitation? Ancel 
will put into space the pages from the original Harvard manuscript 
conserved in the Houghton Library. This montage will take place in an 
unpredictible way, all of the pages around the number 64.

This is at a time when the whole history of art since Mallarmé seems to 
come into the world only to end in checkmate..

A CONSTELLATION of 64 creators and authors have agreed to play our 64 
Seconds Game:

à l'invitation de Franck Ancel : Annie Abrahams - Rodolphe Alexis - Art 
of failure (Nicolas Montgermont - Nicolas Maigret) - Joseph Attié - 
Jean-Pierre Balpe - Pierre Beloüin - Hervé Binet - Dinah Bird - Julien 
Blaine - Philippe Bordas – Jean Bordé - Antoine Boute – Philippe 
Castellin - Laurent Chambert – Christophe Charles - David Christoffel - 
Thierry Coduys - Michel Corvin - Sylvain Courtoux - Laurent Dailleau - 
Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot - Mathias Delplanque - Dina Douieb - 
Vincent Epplay – Erikm - Yvan Etienne - David Fenech - Bertrand Gauguet 
– Nicolas Gimbert - Michel Giroud - Bernard Heidsieck - HP Process 
(Hortense Gauthier - Philippe Boisnard) - Joël Hubaut - Marc Hurtado - 
Etienne Jaumet - Alice Keller - Pierre-Yves Macé – Stéphane Mallarmé - 
Léonardo Marcos - Bérangère Maximin - Pierre Ménard - Jean-Claude 
Moineau - Montagne Froide (Valentine Verhaeghe - Michel Collet) - 
Jean-Marc Monterra - Joachim Montessuis – Cécile De Montigny - NG - 
Tibor Papp - Serge Pey - Richard Pinhas - RadioMentale (Jean-Yves Leloup 
- Eric Pajot) - F.J. Ossang – Julien Ottavi - David Ramsamy - 
Jean-Philippe Renoult - Jocelyn Robert - Julie Rousse - Gaël Segalen - 
Emmanuel Sévigny - Black Sifichi – Ghedalia Tazartes - Kasper T. 
Toeplitz - Valérie Vivancos - Wild Shores (Evelyne Hebey - Fred Nouveau 
- Marc Roques) - Bertrand Wolff – Christian Zanesi.

A projection/discussion under the technical direction of Mr. Thierry 
Coduys and in the presence of Mme. Elisabeth Chojmacka will be held 
December 6 from 7pm to 10pm in the Petite Salle du Forum at the Georges 
Pompidou Center (*). You can also follow the event from December 4 to 
December 6 at: http//selfword.net

You will also find::

-- a game deck of 19 Constellations <<0000>>, titled <<CI à CX>>, 
numbered from 0 to 20, "caviardage" serigraphies by the artist Claire 
Morel, based on the 200-page original LIVRE by Mallarmé.

-- a plexiglass gameboard <<0000>>, reproducing 32 pages taken from the 
original LIVRE by Malarmé on slides:
64x64cm. Numbered and signed, edition limited to 27.

These CONSTELLATIONS are visions of a universe where each checkmate 
turns into a victory in the stars.

Franck Ancel
telephone: +33 676 470 610
e-mail: ancelfranck at gmail.com

Franck Ancel is a Zerographer. He has been the craftsman of his life for 
nearly forty years, of which half has been spent on projects that can be 
definied in 20 connections: 1989-2009 / invisible-visible / 
architecture-environment / Kiesler-Polieri / neo-avant-garde / 
space-time / technology-science / language-form / network-data / 
history-memory / freedoom-love / screen-stage / sounds-colours / 
lighthouse-satellite / desert-island / community-being / body-mouvement 
/ past-future / skin-soul / spirituality-poetic.

For more information, please contact: http//www.artistbookinternational

(*) We will sned out a detailed program on demand. Free entry according 
to the number of available seats remaining.

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