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Netmage 10
international live-media festival - 10th edition

21/22/23 January 2010
Palazzo Re Enzo - Bologna - Italy


The tenth edition of the Netmage festival (Bologn
a, 21,22,23 January 2010) will present, in the hi
storical castle of Palazzo Re Enzo, an unpredicta
ble scenario of contemporary audiovisual research
 featuring live media, live cinema, concerts, per
formances, sound and visual installations.

Netmage festival, focusing on multi-media design,
electronic arts and cutting-edge style, works as a
 meeting point for video-makers, multi-media and v
isual artists, musicians and performers from Europ
e, North America and Asia. In its ongoing investig
ation, Netmage presents some of the latest trends
in live media. Together with research on essential
aspects of perception and the intersection of visu
al and acoustic phenomena, the festival introduces
a very wide range of approaches.

Featuring: Rachida Ziani/Dewi de Vree (NL/F), Fran
cesco Cavaliere/Marcel Türkowsky (I/D), Harappian
Night Recordings (UK), The Hunter Gracchus (UK), L
ee Hangjun/Hong Chulki (KR), My Cat Is An Alien (I
), Ectoplasm Girls (S), The Magic State (S), Be Ma
ledetto Now (I), Richard Lainhart (USA), Cluster (
D), Canedicoda (I), Nassa (Nadow Assor/Surabhi Sar
af) (USA), André Gonçalves (P), Es (Fin), Margaret
h Kammerer/Andrea Belfi/Stefano Pilia/Daniela Catt
ivelli/Michaela Grill (I/D/A), Carlos Casas (E), V
incent Dupont (F), Nana April Jun (S), Aaron Dillo
way (USA).

The complete programme of Netmage 10 (including th
e following sections: Mangrovia, Live Media Floor,
Elektrolab, Cemetery and Performing Arts) is now a
vailable online.

Netmage festival was conceived and created by Xing,
 a cultural network operating in Italy and abroad,
with the purpose of planning, supporting and promot
ing products and events characterized by an interdi
sciplinary approach toward the issues of contempora
ry culture.
Artistic direction: Daniele Gasparinetti, Andrea Li
ssoni. Performing Arts: Silvia Fanti. International
 Live-Media Floor: Lino Greco, Riccardo Benassi.

Netmage 10 is supported by: Regione Emilia-Romagna,
Comune di Bologna, Ambasciata del Regno dei Paesi B
assi, Culturesfrance. Media partners: Wire, Mousse,
Edizioni Zero, Blow Up, Nero, Alias, Il Manifesto,
Città del Capo-Radio Metropolitana, Radio Città Fuj

Netmage 10
venue: Palazzo Re Enzo - Piazza Nettuno - Bologna -
headquarters:  Xing - Via Ca' Selvatica 4/d  Bologna
tel +39.051.331099   info at xing.it   info at netmage.it
press: pressoff at xing.it www.netmage.it   www.xing.it

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