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a note from day 5th 

YIVF#05 Invisible Video! – everything connected
Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival #05
11 - 20 dec 2009


Invisible Daily 05 extended - Solute To Another Solution! 

It was a late night presentation on HONF lab, we extend the day session because of an important presentation that was given from our guest lecture. He came from a small industry that focuses on water-base paint technology. His company has produced the water-base paint and coating system, which have been distributed to domestic and international market. 

So, what is this water-base paint technology and what is the different with normal paint that is on the market at the present time? He explained that normally the paint that we used or buy in the market is using thinner as a solvent. Thinner is used to simplify painting applications, making a solution that is easy to use when it is dissolve with paints. When the paint dried and attached to the object, thinner that is used for the paint will evaporate to the air in form of gas creating a new composition in the air. The main percentage of the solvent that is evaporated almost reached 100% of its volume, making the solvent as a waste product after its application use. Thinner that is normally used in painting application is a petroleum distillate. It contains a very high level of toxicity for human through vapor inhalation. Comparing to water-base paint that use water as solvent, only produced water vapor that is not dangerous for human. 

To give a better explanation on this subject, we enlisted the toxicities on Thinner:
1. Inhalation: 
Effects are typically those of most hydrocarbons, dizziness and euphoria leading to unconsciousness in severe cases. Vapors also irritate the respiratory tract. Symptoms may include coughing, difficult breathing and chest pain. A central nervous system depressant.
2. Ingestion: 
Fatal dose for humans estimated at 3-4 oz, but ingestion of much smaller amounts may cause lung edema and possible death because of aspiration into lungs. 
3. Skin Contact: 
The defatting action of this solvent may lead to soreness, inflammation and, possibly, dermatitis. 
4. Eye Contact: 
Vapors may be irritating at concentrations of 450 ppm and above (15 minutes exposure) and contact with the liquid solvent can be painful and possibly damaging to eye tissues. 
5. Chronic Exposure: 
Chronic exposure may lead to central nervous system complications, blood changes (aplastic anemia, a rare occurrence that is potentially fatal), and dermatitis. Animal studies have indicated the potential for liver and kidney damage. 
6. Aggravation of Pre-existing Conditions: 
Persons with pre-existing skin disorders or eye problems or impaired kidney function may be more susceptible to the effects of the substance.

He added another significant advantage in water-base paint comparing to oil-base paint. He considered water as cheap and easy-to-get materials comparing to oil-base paint. The use of Thinner in oil-base paint is also considered could cause environment problem as it uses fossil fuel as it main material. By using water-base paint, it could help to minimalize the production and uses of fossil fuel that is releasing green house gasses to the atmosphere. In another case, Thinner could also caused soil or water pollution if it disposed to the nature.

We moved the subject to the paint itself. He explained the chemical components that a normal paint contains. Two of the hazardous chemicals he mentioned were Mercury and Formaldehyde. Mercury is used to make the color of the paint brighter giving a strong accent on the product while Formaldehyde giving the age of paint much longer. In environmental perspective, Mercury is very hazardous for life form as it affects the immune system, alters genetic and enzyme systems, and damages the nervous system, including coordination and the senses of touch, taste, and sight. As for Formaldehyde exposure to life forms are eye, nose, and throat irritation as well as coughing and breathing difficulties.  If the problem reaches a serious level, asthma attacks, nausea, vomiting, severe headaches, and nose bleeds can occur. The effects of short-term exposure are relatively small, as the health problems usually disappear once the pollutant has been removed. However,
 long-term exposure increases a person's sensitivity to the gas, increasing the probability of health risk.

As for water-base paint that he has been developing already followed the regulation according to MPI Green Performance Standard. The Chemical Component Restriction for paint to be considered as eco-friendly was that all chemical components in the paint must not exceeded 1.0% by weight of the sum total of aromatic compounds. His product has certified to pass this restriction. He is now developing more colors and trying to market his product by competing the price of the product with local conventional oil-based paints.

We come to a conclusion of the session. He stated that every product in our surroundings (from walls, chairs, tables, cars, even our clothes!) is painted and we are living in this environment everyday. In art practice, Paintings use a strong thinner that is very hazardous to exposure to skins. We are then realized how important this issue is and the development and innovation of the water-base paint have a big beneficial to our daily life. The question remains for us was how to develop it further and what collaborative innovation that we could reach? Well, as he already know our activity, he is very open to support and collaboration with us. All we need is more colorful ideas!

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