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Dear Spectre,

If you are in London...

Friday, 19 February; 19:00 – 20:00
University College London
Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
Garwood Lecture Theatre, South Wing 
(Details how to get there at the bottom of the page)

Artists Anna Dumitriu and Dave Lawrence:: KryoLab


Dave Lawrence and Anna Dumitriu discuss their project 'KryoLab', made in collaboration with Antti Tenetz. The project brings together bioart, ice sculpture and sound, in an investigation of delicate relationships in the Arctic ecosystem. It traces their individual and collective journeys, in terms of investigative art/science research as well as in terms of being part of the experimental European/world wide collaborative e-MobiLArt project - designed to encourage collaboration with scientists, and with artists from other cultural backgrounds and geographic locations. 

Anna Dumitriu 

Anna Dumitriu is a visual artist whose highly experimental work is involved with the nature of trans-disciplinary practice-based research. She has collaborated with scientists many major projects and often tends to go very deeply into her chosen area of research, taking on, or attempting to take on, the role of scientist in an almost performative sense, raising paradigmatic questions in her work. Her installations, interventions and performances use a range of digital, biological and traditional media including video projections, mobile phones and embroidery, working with diverse audiences often in non-traditional settings.

Her work has a strong international exhibition profile is held in several public collections. She is currently Artist in Residence at The Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics and a Visiting Research Fellow in the Dept of Informatics at Sussex University, participating in the e-MobiLArt project (EU funded European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists) and researching her practice-based Fine Art PhD part-time at The University of Brighton. She was recently invited to become a contributing editor to Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

Dave Lawrence

Dave Lawrence (aka Sponde) is a sonic artist, composer, performer, and collaborative explorer. Special interests - time & place, analogue/digital worlds, sounds and science of life, forming instruments, exploring interaction, inside and outside. Composition adopts meticulous serendipity and often uses multiple layers of sounds - sampled (in ‘soundabout’ walks), generated, performed, synthesised, and/or digitally processed.
In addition to e-MobiLArt, projects include: “Secret Life” (Transmediale, Berlin 2009; collaboration with Joanna Hoffmann), “Somniloquy” (a sonic drama, Brighton 2008, Fiorenzo Palermo), ‘Stardust Ruins’ (Liliane Lijn, Riflemaker London Summer 08),  ‘Laranjas’ (Portugal, June 08, Inês Amado), ‘Soundings from the Estuary’ (London, June 08, Frank Watson), ‘Sphere & Cross’ (NCCA, Moscow Dec 06, Sasha Frolova)

Getting to UCL: 
The nearest Tube stations are Euston Square and Warren Street. For full details, see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/about-ucl/location/public-transport 
How to find the Garwood Lecture Theatre: 
Once you enter the main gate of UCL in Gower Street, you will face the Portico in the UCL quadrangle courtyard. Please take the right hand side diagonal and walk to the right corner of the building. You will see the brass tablet indicating South Wing. Enter the second entrance door at the South Wing, and you will find the Garwood Lecture Theatre on the first floor. There will be signs from the entrance that will help you to find the exact location easily. 
You may also consult the UCL maps at: 
Entrance is free, all welcome.

All best,
Gordana Novakovic, Tesla founder/curator

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