[spectre] WAVE Berlin / WJ-SPOTS Berlin / Transmediale.10 / Feb 4th 2010

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04.02.2010, 8pm to midnight
Betahaus, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, 10969 Berlin
live webstreaming: www.sidebysidestudio.net

> 8 to 10pm - WAVE Berlin Panel Discussion
« Innovative Artistic and Economic Practices »
with I-Wei Li, Christine Kriegerowski, Claudia Burbaum, Ela Kagel, Matthias Reichelt, Tonia Welter, Arthur Engelbert, Heather Corcoran.

> 10pm to midnight - WJ-SPOTS Berlin
« 15 Years of Artistic Creation on the Internet »
with Anne Roquigny, I-Wei Li, Pierre Bongiovanni, Helen Thorington, Marie Petit, Maria Ptqk, Per Platou, Hans Bernhard, Isabelle Arvers, Anne Laforet.

The WAVE is an initiative that provides mobile platforms around Europe for philosophers, economists, and artists to engage in alternative economic possibilities in crisis period. In coordination with Transmediale.10, The WAVE will launch its first critical debate at the creative co-working hub, betahaus, in Berlin. Followed by WJ-Spots, a web-performance project that interview outstanding figures of internet community inside the WJ-S multi-screen environment through online browsing of a selection of emblematic websites, chosen by the speakers. For detailed programme, please visit:

The WAVE:Opus 1 is curated by I-Wei Li, SideBySide Studio
Office: +49 (0)30 8597 8021
Mobile: +49(0)151 1546 4346
Address: Wildenbruchstr 4, 12045 Berlin
For short biography about I-Wei Li: http://www.sidebysidestudio.net/spip.php?article38

Production: Relais Culture Europe Production, SideBySide Studio Coordination, with Transmediale / Sklunk / Arscenic Support

///////////////////////////// WAVE Berlin Panel Discussion : « Innovative Artistic and Economic Practices »

Fluctuations in the economy have become similar to global climate warnings: nobody knows exactly what will happen tomorrow, or whether the future will be bleak or bright. Uncertainty seems to become the only certain rule.

Throughout the early 20th century, art was the forerunner of social, political and technological upheaval. Art at the time foresees (but not always understands) in advance what would happen. Now, artistic activity seems too be carried away by the whirlwind of uncertainty.

The democratic ideal has never seemed so fragile. To a very large extend, it remains to be a total utopia. The modesty of political ambitions, the widespread practice of mafia, the rise of nationalist and religious sect, continuation of poverty, distraught middle-class, all these elements are destroying day after day the ideals of brotherhood, equality, and liberty.

Modern communication technology and the digital economy have overwhelmed all social practices, either cultural or economical but we still have great difficulty understanding the reality. We still continue to struggle with positive outlook and engage in critical changes into the future.

In this context, it is possible to imagine new relationships between money, politics, and artistic creation?
How will we identify new approaches, especially critical approaches in a time of crisis?

I-Wei Li - multi-media artist, curator, artistic director of SideBySide Studio
Christine Kriegerowski - Berlin-based artist, working with drawing, digital drawing and photography
Claudia Burbaum - Berlin-based art historian and freelance curator
Ela Kagel - program curator of Transmediale, initiator of the Free Culture Incubator
Arthur Engelbert - ae prof. dr. habil., theory and practice of media and contemporary art
Matthias Reichelt - cultural journalist, curator and editor
Tonia Welter - co-Funder and director of betahaus
Heather Corcoran - Curator at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)

For more details about the panel, please visit http://www.sidebysidestudio.net/spip.php?article41

///////////////////////////// WJ-Spots Berlin : « 15 Years of Artistic Creation on the Internet »

Anne Roquigny, French media arts curator will follow her series of interviews in Berlin of outstanding figures of the internet community who share their reflections of 15 years of Internet history. The interviews are conducted inside the WJ-S (webjay) multi-screen environment, transformed into a space for thought and investigation. Live online browsing into a selection of emblematic websites, chosen by the speakers, take place simultaneously on 3 big screens. Real time surfing magnifies and augments thought presentation, offering multiple points of view while the participants comment and analyze, from an artistic perspective, how the Internet has been progressively taken over as a space of artistic creation, from its beginning until now.

MCD « Musiques et Cultures Digitales Magazine » (http://www.digitalmcd.com ) regularly launches special bilingual paper editions of WJ-SPOTS with the interviews and the bookmarks.
Videos of WJ-SPOTS events are also published on line on Digitalart platform (http://www.digitalarti.com )


Interviews by Anne Roquigny Media arts curator / http://www.roquigny.info
Live internet browsing : Isabelle Arvers (FR), curator, art critic / http://www.isabelle-arvers.com &
Anne Laforet (FR) researcher and critic / http://www.sakasama.net

I-Wei (TW/CA/DE), multi media artist, curator, artistic director of SideBySide Studio / http://www.sidebysidestudio.net
Pierre Bongiovanni (FR), artist, curator / http://www.bongiovanni.info
Helen Thorington (US), writer and sound artist and co-director Turbulence / http://www.turbulence.org
Marie Petit (FR), author, theater director / http://www.chambrebleue.eu
Maria Ptqk (ES), critic, curator / http://ptqkblogzine.blogspot.com
Per Platou (NO), artist, curator / http://www.perplatou.net
Hans Bernhard (CH), artist / http://www.ubermorgen.com

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