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Data Soliloquies - review by Pau Waelder.


Data Soliloquies by Martin John Callanan and Richard Hamblyn, is a book
about the extraordinary cultural fluidity of scientific data. A wide
array of graphs, charts, computer models and other forms of visual
advocacy have become inescapable fixtures of public science
presentations, though they are often treated as if they were neutral
'found objects' rather than elaborate narrative constructions containing
high levels of statistical uncertainty.

"Our relationship with the environment is certainly one of the main
problems we are going to face during this century and it is also a
subject that brings up the necessary communication between science and
society. The UCL Environment Institute [2] was established in 2003 to
promote an interdisciplinary approach to environmental research and make
it available to a wider audience. While being representative of almost
every discipline in the University College London, it lacked an
interaction with the arts and humanities. This gap has been bridged by
establishing an artist and writer residency program in collaboration
with the Slade School of Fine Arts and the English Department. Among 100
applications, writer Richard Hamblyn and artist Martin John Callanan
were chosen for the 2008-2009 academic year: Data Soliloquies is the
result of their work."

Pau Waelder Graduated in Art History at the University of Barcelona, has
a Masters Diploma in Advanced Studies in History Science and Art Theory
at the University of the Balearic Islands and is currently writing his
PhD thesis in the field of art, science and technology. He has
participated in international simposia such as the I International
Conference on Arthur Danto and the End of Art, (CENDEAC, Murcia, 2003)
and Gaming Realities, (Fournos, Atenas, 2006). He has written chapters
for the books Gaming Realities. A challenge for digital culture (Athens:
Fournos, 2006) and Extending Experiences. Structure, Analysis and Design
of Game Player Experience (Rovaniemi: Lapland University Press, 2008),
as well as the text Games of Pain: Pain as Haptic Stimulation in
Computer-Game's Based Media Art, published in Leonardo Vol. 40, Issue 3
(MIT Press, 2007).


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