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Congratulations - Award 2010 winners announced!

This year’s winners of the transmediale and Vilém Flusser Theory  
Award have been announced. The awards were presented on the evening  
of February 6 by Barbara Kisseler, head of the Berlin Senate  
Chancellery, and the members of both juries.

Canadian artist Michelle Teran is the winner of the transmediale  
Award 2010. Her work 'Buscando al Sr. Goodbar' was awarded the prize  
of 6,000 EUR.

Jury Statement: 'Buscando al Sr Goodbar' by Michelle Teran is a  
timely and considered exploration of synergies between online social  
space and physical urban spaces. Her work asks us to consider the  
hidden pockets of virtuosity that take place all around us. In her  
hands, online tools become not only a platform for display, but a  
method of discovery and reconnection to other people. She combines  
old methods (bus tours)and new (online tools) to create a work that  
is a complex commentary on our present moment, but also points the  
way to future layering of our digital and physical selves.

A Distinction worth 2,000 EUR was given to Aaron Koblin and Daniel  
Massey for their work 'Bicycle Built For Two Thousand'.

Jury Statement: The method by which the participants were recruited,  
while only possible on this scale in our contemporary networked age,  
also cleverly reminds of the traditional studio model where  
apprentices create building blocks that are refined and completed by  
masters. The work is an elegant reflection on networked labour.

The Vilém Flusser Theory Award 2010, also worth 2,000 EUR, was given  
to Berlin based artist (and neurosurgeon) Warren Neidich for his  
research project 'Neuropower'.

Jury Statement: The project Neuropower is a manipulation in the  
literal sense of the word. Departing from recent insights of brain  
research, the trained biologist Neidich searches for strategies to  
manipulate the process of ongoing cerebral reconstruction. Through  
artistic means – as for instance the performative gesture – Warren  
Neidich attempts to re-conquer those cognitive realms which are  
normally subjected to the effects and mechanisms of the mass media in  
a globalised world defined by neoliberalism. By joining scientific  
and aesthetic knowledge elegantly, Neidich’s work commences right  
there where reality is first of all constructed: in the neuronal  
networks of the brain.

transmediale and CTM (club transmediale) invited submissions for both  
awards and from the approximately 1.500 submissions from 72  
countries, the juries selected nine nominees for the transmediale  
Award 2010 and four nominees for the Vilém Flusser Theory Award,  
which were presented at transmediale.10.

The jury members of the transmediale Award 2010 were Michelle  
Kasprzak (Edinburg), José Luis de Vicente (Barcelona), Li Zhenhua  
(Beijing/Zurich), Yves Bernard (Bruxelles), and Doreen Mende  
(Berlin). Advisory committee members for the Vilém Flusser Theory  
Award 2010 were Marcel René Marburger (_Vilém_Flusser_Archive,  
Berlin), Oliver Grau (Danube University Krems) and Sabeth Buchmann  
(Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna).

We congratulate the artists and all the nominees for their great  
work, and participation in both the Award and the festival!!

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