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Week 08 - 15-21 February 2010
program preview --> http://2010.newmediafest.org/?p=517
Feature & venue  of the week 08

CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival - is celebrating its 5th anniversary in India on
CeC - Carnival of e-Creativity  at Sattal, Uttarkhand - the Himalaya state.
by presenting it entire screening program of CologneOFF V  - the latest festival released in November 2009.
CeC2010 is co-curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
who is also the director and curator of CologneOFF.

Find the films and directors  listed on http://theaea.org/cec_cac/cec10/index.htm

Feature of the month February 2010

During February, VideoChannel's new project release
"SFC - Shoah Film Collection" is spotlighted in daily solo features on
VAD - Video art Database --> http://vad.nmartproject.net/?page_id=1641
Monday - Brian Delevie (USA)
Tuesday - Anders Weberg (SWE)
Wednesday - Cezary Ostrowski (Poland)
Thursday - Dana Levy (Israel)
Friday - Felice Hapetzeder (SWE)
Saturday - Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos (Greece)
Sunday - Paolo Bonfiglio (Italy)

Feature of the year 2010 is the ongoing netart journal, entitled: Celebrate!
released in daily features by
JavaMuseum - Foruim for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

Starting on 10 January 2010, Celebrate! will have featured until the end of this year
a representative overview of the netart production of the past 10 years.
Find Celebrate! on http://2010.javamuseum.org
Further, VideoChannel is presenting in solo features on VAD - Video Art Database
Video Art from Ukraine --> http://vad.nmartproject.net/?page_id=1797
CologneOFF  is presenting in daily solo features on VAD - Video Art Database
the entire CologneOFF IV program structure "Here We Are!" on

Find the complete weekly program on

and the features of today, 15 February 2010 on

10 Years [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne
global heritage of digital culture
1 January - 31 December 2010

director and chief curator: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

calls for entries -->  for NewMediaFest'2010


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