[spectre] Farewell Pixelache!

Juha Huuskonen juhuu at juhuu.nu
Wed Apr 4 17:27:58 CEST 2012


I thought this list would be an appropriate forum to say THANK YOU to 
all those people I had a chance to get to know during the 10 years I was 
involved in making the Pixelache Festival happen. The core crew in 
Helsinki is planning to continue the activities, as well as many nodes 
in the Pixelache Network. I wish the best of luck and long life for the 
aching pixels!

The main project for me this year is the first edition of Open Knowledge 
Festival (www.okfestival.org) which will take place in Helsinki 17-22 
September. The event brings together two big international events: the 
Open Knowledge Conference and Open Government Data Camp. We expect 
approx 400-500 international participants for this event, hopefully some 
of you are interested in this.

My main 'hobby' this year has been the Alternative Design Capital 
project, www.adc2012.org. Helsinki is the World Design Capital this 
year, with theme 'Open Helsinki'. The official programme sucks in many 
different ways, so there was a need to set up an alternative structure.

Another new event that I'm involved in is the WÄRK festival, taking 
place in October 2012 (www.warkfest.org). It's an event focused on 
maker/diy culture and crafts, it's basically a customised version of the 
Maker Faire.

In addition I blog at www.juhuu.nu, occasionally tweet at @juhuutweet, 
and even send a newsletter once or twice per year.

Best regards,


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