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DA FACT <http://www.dafact.com/>  newsletter | april 2012

- Lightness of Being was in Paris, Béziers and Hong Kong
Thomas Goguelin and his Karlax were at the show Lightness of Being for
performances with Hong Kong dancers. Check out the pictures and videos.

- Apéro-Concert at Césaré <http://www.cesare.fr/> 
Pascal Contet on accordion and Tom Mays on Karlax will perform at Césaré,
National Center of Musical Creation, for a rush hour concert, on April 11.

- Physique du Rôle at the TEATRO i
Nicola Russo's play, "Physique du Rôle", with Jean-Christophe Potvin on
Karlax and inspired by Sophie Calle works, will be performed in Milan on
April 19, 20 and 21.

- Gomorra at the Pitoëff Theater <http://www.cavale.ch/?page_id=29> 
Stéphane Oertli designed the sound of Gomorra directed by Philippe Lüscher
with Cie X225. He will perform with Karlax from April 20 to May 13 at the
Pitoëff Theater of Genêve.

- Parking Song at the Marni Theater
Jean-Christophe Potvin will perform with Karlax from May 1 to 5, at the
Marni Theater of Bruxelles in Parking Song, directed by Michel Bernard.

- Database of Digital Musical Instruments <http://vipre.uws.edu.au/dmi/> 
Check out the online database and taxonomy of new interfaces for electronic
music performance developed by the VIPRE MARCS Auditory Laboratories of the
University of Western Sydney.

- New articles on Karlax Blog <http://www.karlax.com/> 
HEM, Genêve | Lightness of Being, Hong Kong | CNSM, Paris | Fashion |
Automotive | Theater... Keep an eye on the Karlax community!

- DA FACT showroom <http://www.karlax.com/index.php/contact/> 
If you wish to discover and try Karlax, don´t hesitate to contact us to make
an appointment.

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