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*/My Name Is Janez Janša/: The crowdfunding is open!*

It all started five years ago when three artists joined the conservative 
SDS party and changed their names to Janez Janša, which is the name of 
the leader of that party and Prime Minister of Slovenia. The rest is 
history or, better said, the documentary /My Name Is Janez Janš/a, which 
is coming to the cinemas soon. Focusing on the most scandalous name 
change in the history of Slovenia, the film juxtaposes different views 
on the meaning and purpose of one’s name and reasons for changing it.

Before you google your name, visit http://www.verkami.com/projects/1752 
and*help to finish the film* and to reach its audiences all over the world.

Keep up with the film at www.mynameisjanezjansa.com 


This year, the *documentary film **/My Name Is Janez Janša/*, directed 
by Janez Janša, will find its way to the big screens. The film shows the 
host Dražen Dragojević lead us through the various opinions, viewpoints 
and views offered by individuals, artists and academics from around the 
world as they discuss the meaning and purpose of the given name as seen 
from the perspective of the individual and society.

The reasons and motives behind changing one’s given name are shown 
through picturesque examples taken from history, popular culture and 
everyday life, leading the viewer to the most widely resounding name 
change in the history of Slovenia: in 2007, three artists enlisted into 
the Slovenian Democrat Party (SDS) and got their names officially 
changed to Janez Janša, the leader of that party and Prime Minister of 
Slovenia. While they renamed themselves for personal reasons, this 
gesture was marked as an artistic act and triggered an array of 
interpretations in Slovenian and foreign art circles, as well as amongst 
reporters, commentators and the general public. The film reveals the 
various views and responses to this renaming, which resounded in 
Slovenia and abroad.

The documentary film /My Name Is Janez Janša/was filmed in English and 
Slovenian; however, we can also hear Italian, Spanish, French and 
Croatian.In the film, a host of internationally acclaimed artists and 
intellectuals appear, including *UBERMORGEN.COM, Franco and Eva Mattes, 
Vuk Ćosić, Jan Fabre, Stephen Kovats, Tim Etchells, Vaginal Davis, 
Mladen Dolar, Miroslav Košuta*, and, of course, *Janez Janša, Janez 
Janša and Janez Janša*.

Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art is the producer of the film, 
which was created in cooperation with Institute Maska, TV Slovenija, 
POPCult and Emotionfilm, and with the financial support of the Slovenian 
Film Centre and film studio Viba Film.

In the final post-production phase, the creators of the film resorted to 
an innovative way of financing their project: crowdfunding, or funding 
by the masses. In this way, a high number of individuals financially 
support creative projects by offering small or large amounts, and thus 
ensure that good ideas are realized. The film creators wish to rise € 
6000 in the next 40 days (starting on April 11th) and use these funds to 
finish the film and present it to the broadest possible public 
worldwide. Most of the funds, which will be collected through the 
crowdfundingplatform Verkami, will be used for the post-production of 
the international cinema and shorter television versions of the film and 
their worldwide distribution. Individuals can support the documentary 
film /My Name Is Janez Janša/via the webpage 

As a ‘thank you’ for their support, the film creators will give out 
interesting rewards – ranging from mentioning individuals’ names in the 
end credits to works of art.

Marcela Okretič, Producer
*Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana*
Neubergerjeva 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
e-mail: aksioma4 at siol.net

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