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Review by Rob Myers.

The Glitch Moment(um)
Rosa Menkman
Institute Of Network Cultures, 2011
ISBN 9789081602167

Rosa Menkman's book "The Glitch Moment(um)" is a comprehensive study of 
the theory, practice and social context of contemporary digital Glitch 
Art. Glitch Art is similar to the ironisation of the noise of old media 
into cultural signals seen in Trip Hop and that is the basis for the 
nostalgic image-making of Lomography or Instagram. But it is based on 
current digital technology, rather than past analogue technology.

Glitch Art is growing in popularity and critical attention, and is 
already being recuperated by the mass media (for example in a recent 
Calvin Klein perfume television advertisement). Analogue glitches have 
been part of art and popular culture for decades, for example in Nam 
June Paik's television-based art or the titular character of the 
cyberpunk TV show "Max Headroom". Digital glitches and their simulation 
featured in the postmodern graphic design of the early 1990s created by 
groups such as Designers' Republic. But between a history of analogue 
media and a future of mass media recuperation there is the current 
Moment(um) of digital glitch aesthetics that Menkman identifies.


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