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The Banality of The New Aesthetic

By robert jackson.

The New Aesthetic is a new art meme, originally defined by James Bridle 
as a method of collecting materials which point towards an infatuation 
with the agency of computing. Although it has existed in it's current 
form since last year, it's sudden emergence has set off plenty of 
scholars, writers and artists into profuse flusters. But here's the 
question - can the new aesthetic be more than a meme? More to the point, 
does it want to be? Is it capable of a direction?


Robert Jackson, is studying an MPhil/PhD at the University of Plymouth, 
in the research group Arts and Social Technologies, Faculty of Arts 
(formally Faculty of Technology). His thesis is researching Algorithmic 
Artworks, Art Formalism and Speculative Realist Ontologies, looking at 
digital artworks which operate as configurable units rather than 
networked systems, and attain independent autonomy themselves which are 
capable of aesthetics,  rather than their supposed primary function as 
human communication tools. There are two working titles, Algorithm and 
Contingency: Towards a Non-Human Aesthetics and Everything is Possible: 
Art and Speculation. http://robertjackson.info/index/

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