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Watermans International Festival of Digital Art 2012 - Review of and 
Interview with Irini Papadimitriou

By Emilie Giles.

Emilie Giles reviews the current 2012 programme at Watermans Arts 
Centre, showcasing an array of international digital art and interviews 
the gallery's Head of New Media Arts Development, Irini Papadimitriou, 
about the Festival.

London 2012: there is of course one event which springs to mind when we 
think about this city and the year we're in, but there is also another 
significant event happening in London right now, one which is very 
important for the digital and media arts world. It is the year that 
Watermans Arts Centre is holding the International Festival of Digital 
Art 2012.

As well as showcasing an array of digital art by internationally 
renowned artists, the programme also offers the opportunity for members 
of the public to get involved in discussions around themes that the 
Festival touches on through the seminar series accompanying the shows. 
These are in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London. Nearly 
three months in, the Festival has launched two exciting shows,Cymatics 
by Suguru Goto and UNITY by One-Room Shack Collective.


Emilie Giles is an alumnus of MA Interactive Media: Critical Theory and 
Practice at Goldsmiths College. Since graduating her time has been spent 
co-organising MzTEK, a nonprofit education initiative with the aim of 
encouraging women to learn skills in the field of arts and technology, 
interning for internationally renowned artists Blast Theory and has been 
working for social video advertising gurus Unruly, curating and 
co-ordinating their events. She is currently involved with TESTIMONIES, 
a project which explores oral history through social media in relation 
to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and is also facilitating 
workshops at Furtherfield Gallery for the Embroidered Digital Commons 
with Ele Carpenter, part of the Being Social exhibition. 

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