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After San Marino, in May 2011,
after Kafca at macba in December 2011,
we are preparing Scepsi at dOCUMENTA (13)

Run Morphogenesis will start in Kassel on June 7th

What is the meaning of the word “transformation”?
What is the meaning of change at the level of social life?
What is the meaning of the expression: “beyond capitalist form”? What
is “beyond”? And what is “form”? How does a (new) form emerge from
chaosWhen can you say that a form is new? What is the meaning of
These questions are urgent, as the current agony of capitalism is
destroying the very legacy of social civilization, pulling social life
into an abyss of violence, misery, and humiliation.
We’ll try to answer these questions from several different points of
view: of biology, of neurology, of synthetic images, and of social
transformation. Our subject will be the morphogenetic process:
determinism and uncertainty in the generation of forms, and the
emergence of form from information.


You will find also some of the contributions at the Conference
KAFCA (Knowledge against financial capitalism)

and the archive of the Conference of inauguration of the
European School for Social Imagination, San Marino


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