[spectre] Conference paper/presentation

Séamas Cain seamascain at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 20:31:50 CEST 2012

Dear friends at SPECTRE,

I have been invited to do a paper and presentation on "The New Wave of
Innovative Writers in Ireland" at a Conference in July on the campus
of the University of California in Berkeley.

I would like to be inclusive and participatory with any possible
writers for my report.

And I will have a section in my report for "The Irish Diaspora" and
want to include a few Irish-Americans, Irish-Australians,
Irish-Argentinians ... as long as they are INNOVATIVE writers.

So, if you fit this description ...

Please send me, as soon as possible (I do have a deadline next week) ...

1.)  two or three sentences describing your philosophy of writing, and
your sense of method(s) in writing;

2.)  a list of titles of your publications and/or performances.
Please include the name of publisher, place of publication, and date
of publication for each title;

3.)  two or three URLs where your work(s) can be purchased.

Thank you.

I suspect that this effort will bring a lot of attention to INNOVATIVE
writers in Ireland!

Please circulate this message to any other writer you know in Ireland
or the Irish Diaspora you think should be included and ask them to
e-mail me directly as soon as possible with the answers to 1 : 2 : 3 :

Best regards,

Séamas Cain


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